Automatically start installation of pkg file after download

matthew phung
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Is it possible to automatically execute a pkg file after it downloads on a macbook with OS X? If so, please share your script or direct me to where I can find the example.
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Can you use an Automator workflow?
You could set up a "watch folder" and use AppleScript to open any file added to the watch folder:


Mark - Thank you for the response.  I am not able to use Automator because I will be installing the package on macs that I do not have access to.  What I am trying to do is simplify the installation process by automatically starting the installation for the users once the package is downloaded on their macs. This will save them the headache of searching for the package. You and I know that the package is saved in the downloads folder but they apparently do not. A lot of the users are confused on where the package file is downloaded to.
I don't think Apple's security will allow that for obvious reasons.

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