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Removing access from office 365

Hi all,

We have recently dismissed someone from our team.

They had access to a calendar via outlook and office 365.

We have reset the password, but upon testing, we have found out that they can still see the calendar on their iphone 6.

How do we remove all access?

Thanks in advance.
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If it is their iPhone, there is not much you can do.
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So shouldn't a password change restrict access?

is this a huge security issue by Microsoft?
It is their phone. You cannot alter their phone. It is not a Microsoft issue, it is your issue for allowing people to have their own devices.
I should add that I am assuming the Calendar was sync'd onto their phone. I doubt it was direct access but if you think it was direct access, of course change the password.
OK, so based on this, we had shared calendars also, so if we remove the person as having access to the shared calendars, does he only have access to the history (before today) or will he still have access to future events we create?
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OK thanks.

So I guess I would like to confirm that we have closed off access.

1. remove access from all shared calendars via outlook.
2. changed password to the office 365 exchange account.

is there anything else we need to do? (other than write a new IT policy)
I do not know you big you are. A senior manager or lawyer could remind the ex-employee of their continued responsibility to ensure the privacy of information they have that does not belong to them.

Otherwise, write a more definitive policy.
@SWHosting - You are very welcome. I hope all turns out well for you.
FYI, I just found an option to wipe a remote device in office 365.

So ill give this a go.
I always knew that option existed but be careful about wiping someone else's device. If you own the device, remote wipe is the way to go for sure.  Good luck.