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Access Database to track assetts and vendor information for multiple branches.

I've recently taken a job as an IT Director for a company with over 30 branches.  The previous IT guy left no information regarding hardware, software assets or even vendor information for the corporate office or any of the branches.  I'm going to have to start from Scratch and I'm looking for an Access database to manage all the information.  I am hoping that someone has something that is at least close to what I'm looking for and I can modify.  I can build one from scratch but that will take time I don't have t the moment.
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If you open Access and go to "New", you can search for templates.  There is one in the free templates that is pretty good.  

If you are looking for something a little more detailed, I would suggest an application made for that.  I worked for a company that used WhatsUp Gold and it was an excellent program that was capable of much more than asset management.
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are you looking strictly for MS assests or you in the need for a bit more autonomous data collector?

If you are just looking for MS you can gathers some pretty granular information about your environment leveraging Powershell and WMI.

If you are interest in some ideas let me know.
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