Can Only login to my windows 8.1 laptop with fingerprint

I am very frustrated.  The only way I can login to my windows 8.1 laptop is with my fingerprint which desn't always work.  How can I recover or rest my login password.  The login is with an online Microsoft login with my gmail account.  I changed my Microsoft online login.  But I was not able to use that login for my laptop.  I am so sorry I didn't setup a local account.  Any ideas
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Check your online status at logon. There's an icon indicating it.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
once you login you can change / reset your Microsoft account password.

The login is with an on-line Microsoft login with my gmail account This will either work as a 'local account' or not work as a 'domain account'
When you change settings in the m$ account, like passwords or add new devices etc, a code is sent as SMS to your cell phone, or alternative mail account, which you had to add when you registered the m$ account. With that code you can then acknowledge that it was you who made the change.

Once you are logged on to your device, you can add new local accounts on it, provided you have administrative rights. So just add two new local accounts, one an admin account, the other which you will always use to work with a standard account, and then after that log on with the local work account when you next logon to your PC.
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dlennonAuthor Commented:
I have changed my online account with that whole code process.   It didn't help. When I tried to use the new password.  As far as using a different account, this version of Windows dues not let me change the login account. I have dealt with many windows versions and you have always been able to switch the login.  I cannot find a way to change the login. I was trying to do exactly as you suggested but couldn't figure out a way to login
Open the Control Panel, select "User Accounts", then "Manage Another Account", select "Add a User Account" (at the bottom of the window), and then in the next window select "Sign in without an m$ account (not recommended)". Now select "Local Account". After that you can enter the new account's name, password and password hint. Once the account is setup, again in the control panel's accounts option, you can change the account type to be admin, standard etc.
dlennonAuthor Commented:
Good idea
dlennonAuthor Commented:
now I have another problem.  When I try to install a program,  it asks for my password, which I don't know.  Back to the same problem.  It is also stange.  When I look for some of the apps installed with my original account, theu are not showng up on the new account
Have you created the two accounts, one an admin account and the other a standard account like I suggested earlier on? When you get asked for the credentials, you just need to enter the admin's name and his password.
dlennonAuthor Commented:
I did.  But this is Windows 8.1 and if I try and insatll an app,  it asks for the online account connected to my computer.  The same password that I don't know
What do you need those m$ store "crapps" for? Real software beats them by lengths. I never install or use any such crapps as they are all completely useless. With windows 8.x you can still install and use normal software (unlike Windows RT where you are limited to crapps).

For the m$ store of course you need the m$ account.
dlennonAuthor Commented:
Yes,  I know how install regular software.  But there were a couple of APPS that I do use.
Isn't there anything else you could use? There surely is something better around that isn't a crapp.

Otherwise you'll have to try to change the m$ password again.
dlennonAuthor Commented:
Still can't login to the laptop with my credentials.
Are you sure you are typing the password correctly? check for cap-lock, num-lock, and also that you are using the correct keyboard language at the logon screen.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
go through the password reset routine again @

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dlennonAuthor Commented:
Don't know why the first time I did it, it didn't work.  Thanks for suggesting I do it again!
Didn't I suggest that in my first and 2nd last comment, "Otherwise you'll have to try to change the m$ password again"?
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