Adding Exch 2013 CAS/Mailbox server to existing 2010 environment with Edge Transport

I'm getting ready to add two Exchange 2013 CAS/Mailbox servers to our existing 2010 environment.  In our network, we have two 2010 Hub Transport/CAS/Mailbox servers and one 2010 Edge Transport server (all servers are at SP3 CU10).

I understand that as soon as the 2013 servers are added, some important steps need to take place.  I'd like to make sure I have my steps in order.

1. Currently, our 2010 HT/CAS/MB servers are in different locations.  Their autodiscover URIs are unique, for example, and  Once the first 2013 server is added (I'm hoping to be able to do this in phases), is it proper to set autodiscover for our on the 2013 server while leaving autodiscover for alone on the existing 2010 server for the time being?  As long as that is the case, I can continue to step 2.

2. I think that once autodiscover has been configured for the new 2013 server, our SSL cert needs to be imported.  Is this the right time to do that?

3. We have a 2010 Edge Transport server.  Is this the right time to subscribe the new server to Edge?  If so, is it just a matter of removing our current subscription and default send connectors and resubscribing, or does a new subscription file need to be created first on the Edge Transport server to be used to subscribe the 2010 and 2013 mailbox servers?  Additionally, does the subscription need to take place on the 2013 server, or is that not important?

A lot of moving parts, and I just want to make sure I have my steps right.  And as long as it's ok to add one 2013 server at a time (for a period of a couple weeks), that is our preference.  Please let me know if that will cause any problems.
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MatthewDKAuthor Commented:
Also, regarding question 1, in a sense it was already answered in a previous question I submitted.  However, I need to clarify that although I mention we have two locations for our CAS/Mailbox servers, we only have one site (the Default-First-Site_Name) set up in AD.

That said, should we stick to best practices and have one server configured for autodiscover in both of our split DNS zones?

Currently, we have a DNS record for established in the DNS zone for set to 192.168.1.x.  Then We have another DNS record for established in the DNS zone for set to 192.168.0.x.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Based on what you are asking is a pretty loaded question. If you want complete High Level steps I would recommend using the Exchange Deployment Assistant which is a great guideline to help you through this process.

Exchange Deployment Assistant


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MatthewDKAuthor Commented:
Since 2013 mailbox servers can co-exist with a 2010 Edge server, we want to deploy the new 2013 servers into our existing environment.  Unfortunately, the deployment assistant does not specifically cover that type of rollout.  That's why I posted our anticipated steps here, hoping someone could confirm we're on the right path.
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MatthewDKAuthor Commented:
The deployment assistant helped with my first two questions, but I'm still unclear on the Edge coexistence.  Can someone explain how/at what point the 2013 CAS/Mailbox server(s) are subscribed to the 2010 Edge server?

And does the New-EdgeSubscription cmdlet need to be executed on the 2010 Edge server first to create a new .xml file, or can the existing subscription file be used to resubscribe the new 2013 and existing 2010 mailbox servers?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
I will answer your question shortly. Tied up at the moment.

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Sorry for the delay on this...

However based on your 3rd question, you can export the Edge Subscription file and import it into the Exchange 2013 Mailbox server. See the below TechNet for addtional info on this.

MatthewDKAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Will. Just for clarification, I also found this article which clearly states an Edge Transport server needs to be resubscribed after the addition of a new mailbox server in an already subscribed Active Directory site. This is the answer I was looking for.
MatthewDKAuthor Commented:
My question was partially answered. I found the tech note which fully clarified the answer.
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