DOS Command Switches - Use double quotes in switch arguments?

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I've been banging my head against the wall for the last two hours with a bcp call for MSSQL.

bcp MyDB.dbo.MyTable in "C:\..." -S MyServer\MyInstance -T -f "C:\MyBCPFormatFile.xml"

On a whim, I added double quotes to the argument associated with the server switch, and it worked! (Note the quotes around MyServer\MyInstance.)

bcp MyDB.dbo.MyTable in "C:\..." -S "MyServer\MyInstance" -T -f "C:\MyBCPFormatFile.xml"

Is it safe to always wrap the arguments associated with a switch (option) with double-quotes?
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Trenton KnewOwner / Computer Whisperer
Typically, you only need to fool with the quotes if your argument contains a space.  so C:\Users\Joe\Documents wouldn't need a quote, whereas "C:\Users\Joe\Documents\Float Trip" would.

there is also a difference, however between using single quotes vs double quotes.  Did any of your arguments originally contain a space?
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Sadly, each program can handle double quotes (and other quotes) as they like. In a cmd shell or batch it should be safe, however, to always use double quotes, There are exceptions. So: it depends.

You should not need to use double quotes for the server\instance in bcp, as you don't with sqlcmd or isqlw etc.


Thanks guys, Great feedback.


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