Low cost backup solution

I am looking for low cost backup solution for my client. It is win 2012 domain with 50+ pc. Customers wants to backup user pc data on server.

Please suggestion good solution.
Avinash MohodAsked:
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Before we jump ahead we need to be able to answer a few questions such as:

Do you have a spec of the environment?
How much does each user have and how much data do they anticipate to accumulate from year to year?
How long do you have to retain the data for?

The answers will affect the price for the backup solution so it's had to recommend right now.

However, you may want to check out cloud solutions for reliability and easy manageability.  An example is CrashPlan


If an in house solution is preferred then investing in a top end line from NAS like QNAP/Synology then having each workstation backup (using the built-in Windows backup) to a common storage is best.
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
You should be using a common share shared off of and then backing that up.  This will truly minimize your licensing costs.  (IE redirected personal folders, pst, personal dbs, etc)

Is your goal:

1. Attach to all 50 pcs and orchestrate a backup to the central server?
2. Backup the server?

If 1, what's your pricing expectation, because it's going to be a pricey venture to remain licensed correctly/legally.

If 2, are you trying to take stuff offsite (ie tape, hd) and are you trying to develop a catalog which you can granular-ly restore?

Is there any SQL or Exchange that will need to be backed up?

Without the above answered, I've found Acronis and BackupExec (symantec) to be the easiest to deploy, but can get expensive when introducing server licensing or this many workstations.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
THe most cost effective solution would be to use something like Windows Server backup. It is free with Windows 2008 and up.

If all of your users are saving data to the network (server) then all that is required is to backup the server rather than backing up all of the PC's individually, personally why bother, if they are saving everythnig to the network just backup the server they are saving data to.

Windows Server Backup does have some limitations.

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Avinash MohodAuthor Commented:
Right now customer is looking in house solution. We have implemented the folder direction on desktop and documents folder. But customer is facing issue with some application like Visio, SAP as they cant save files. So we are looking for solution which can take backup of user desktop and document folders.

Please note that there is no backup solution on server. We tried to convince customer to buy backup solution for server but he reluctant to do so.
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
As Will mentioned, there is the free version windows backup.  That's going to be cheapest.  

You literally just enable it.

You could also just buy a few USB hd's and use the imaging software they come with if you're trying to take offsite.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
As i stated in my first post Windows Server Backup is PART of the OS if they are running 2008 or higher. If they are saving files to a speciifc server (folder re-direction or mapped drive) you can just backup those directories on the server. Windows Server backup also lets you backup the ENTIRE server as well.

Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Have you explained to your customer that equipment failures are always going to happen and that without a backup they stand to lose all of the data. Get them to quantify how much this will cost them, to recover from, but make sure they include the time it takes and the effect it will have on their business.
They should then realise that a backup solution is essential, and if they don't they do not need a computer to do business on!

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Avinash MohodAuthor Commented:
thanks for suggestion
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
Free (or cheap) often ends up with a hefty price after disaster strikes. Ask yourself this, if you could save money on home insurance would you? Ask yourself again knowing that if a fire destroyed your house you would literally be homeless the following day. Point, it's not only logical its responsible to provide a reasonable backup (insurance) solution. As well, 50 clients is not large by any means however it's not small either.

I recommend using StorageCraft  Shadow Protect, I've used it on everything from 2003, 2008, 2012 servers, VM's, exchange, SQL, and websites and it's well worth the $500 give or take a $100 depending on the components you select.

It's saved my butt many times, I highly recommend it.
emily laurenCommented:
In order to create copies of your data you have to create one or more backup jobs as backup profiles. During the creation of a backup job you can choose which type of data you wish to backup (source), how to backup (backup settings), where you want your backed up files to be stored (destination) and when to backup (schedule the job).

Comodo online Backup is capable of backing up files using a variety of methods – for example, simple copy, ZIP file, ISO file or CBU file. However, the application can only restore files from .cbu format or simple copy format. Please bear this in mind whenever the application asks you to choose the format for the backup job. Even they offer free backup of 10GB for 90 days at initial signup.
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