Newer PC runs slower than older PC

Hello all, I write SW for the Semiconductor Test industry. We have an application that has been running on an 'older' system. When we recently purchased a new PC, we ran the same application and discovered that it runs slower on the new system. We have tried Windows XP on both systems, and Windows 7 on both systems. In the end, regardless of the OS, the newer system is slower.

What I am looking for is ideas of what we can check to see what is causing this.

I've attached two image files. Image 1 is an older XP system that runs faster than the PC in Image 2. Image 2 is of the newer system on Windows 7.

Slower run time, newer PC, Windows 7Faster run time, older PC, Windows XP
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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Your application was probably written to utilize cycles instead of threads.  If you had a dual processor machine and replaced it with a four-core I7, it may not know how to utilize the 4 threaded processor and literally be taking twice as long to computer, minus the overall clock speed.

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It could be that the program you're using was optimized to run for Windows XP.  Please try running the program in XP mode.

Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7:

Using Windows XP Mode, you can run programs that were designed for Windows XP on computers running Windows 7
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Try disabling hyper-threading in BIOS (that CAN cause problems with some older software.  Otherwise, as others have said, you application is single threaded.  That means only ONE processor out of the 2 on XP and the 4 on W7 is ever used.  Then I'd want to know what else the software does and how much slower it is... does it read files off the hard disk?  Does XP have an SSD and this is running of an SD Card?  What...
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BrianDumasAuthor Commented:
@choward16980, @Wayne88, @Lee W, MVP   I will try these suggestions and get back to you later today. Thanks
in your images - i don't see anything pointing to the speed of the pc's
how do you measure it??
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Can you define how it is running slower?
Is its response slower, its output slower, what is slower.

What does this application do, does it have a database? Is the disk system different between the two systems

Performance is not just a simple, its got a faster cpu so it must be faster equation!
BrianDumasAuthor Commented:
Thanks All.
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