The script did not run from the crontab-HP-UX.31 - sh: /home/oracle/dba/scripts/ not found.

The script did not run from the crontab-HP-UX.31 -
This is the message:      sh: /home/oracle/dba/scripts/  not found.

This is the entry from the crontab:

15 23 * * 6 /home/oracle/dba/scripts/ PROD


-rwxr-xr-x   1 oracle     dba           2828 Jul 20 15:21

This is what the var/mail/oracle contains:

From root@host Sat Jul 25 23:15:02 AST 2015
Received: (from root@localhost)
        by host (@(#)Sendmail version 8.13.3 - Revision 1.003:: HP-UX11.31 - 8th December,2008/8.13.3) id t6Q3F2HS024356
        for oracle; Sat, 25 Jul 2015 23:15:02 -0400 (AST)
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 23:15:02 -0400 (AST)
From: root@host
Message-Id: <201507260315.t6Q3F2HS024356@host>
Subject: cron

sh: /home/oracle/dba/scripts/  not found.
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Does the script exist?  It's complaining that it can't find it, so it can't run it.
Solara_14TechAuthor Commented:
Yes the script exist.
ls -tlr /home/oracle/dba/scripts/
-rwxr-xr-x   1 oracle     dba           2828 Jul 20 15:21 /home/oracle/dba/scripts/
Does the first line in the script contain a valid shebang?
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Solara_14TechAuthor Commented:
It has the following:

ebsprdb:/home/oracle/dba/scripts> echo $0
ebsprdb:/home/oracle/dba/scripts> more
#! /bin/bash
What happens if you run the script manually, exactly as it is in the crontab? i.e. same user (presumably root), and with the full path rather than a cd followed by a "./" - best to cut and paste from a crontab listing.

[Edit] Also, is this directory local, or is it an automounted remote one?  It may be that the cron job doesn't force the automount.

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Solara_14TechAuthor Commented:
Solara_14TechAuthor Commented:
interpreter "/bin/bash" not found
file link resolves to "/usr/bin/bash"
Solara_14TechAuthor Commented:
Thank you for pointing out the solution.
I change to ksh in the script and now it run successfully.
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