I get a division by 0 error in SQL Server query

I get a division by 0 error in my sql server query.  How do I fix this error in my query?

Thanks in advance,
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what is the query?
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
you need to write a case statement  for example  a/b  should be written as
Case when b <> 0 then a/b else 0 end as result

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I generally use NULLIF  for my divisor,  that way I don't get a NULL instead of a numeric result that might be misinterpreted.  

select x / nullif(y,0) from your_table

of course, sometimes the desired result is a 0 or -1 or some other dummy value for erroneous conditions.
You could then use case as shown above or coalesce to convert to the fixed value

alternately, you might be able to simply exlude those results with a where clause

select x / y from your_table where y <> 0

last,  maybe the data is bad and zeroes should never happen.  If this is the case,  fix the data and implement a constraint so the zeroes can't happen again.

As you can see, the solutions are trivial,  so this is less a technical issue than a requirements definition.
Ask your users what the desired result is and then go from there.
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Kanti PrasadCommented:

SELECT COALESCE(TotalMarks / NULLIF(NumberofSubjects,0), 0) FROM YourTableName
Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
Actually, you are better off using a Case statement to test for the value of NumberOfSubjects, something like:

CASE WHEN IsNull([NumberOfSubjects], 0) = 0 THEN NULL
          ELSE [TotalMarks] / [NumberOfSubjects]
          END as AvgMarks

if you're going to use ISNULL and CASE to force null,  why not just use NULLIF   ?

TotalMarks / NULLIF(NumberOfSubjects,0)

achieves the same result while maintaining clarity and requires fewer operations
Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:

I guess, since I'm more familiar with Access, I prefer to test for a NULL or 0 as the denominator and set the result to NULL, before attempting the Division.

Yes, X/NULL = NULL, so it would not be averaged, but I guess from my perspective (still getting used to some of SQL Servers quirks), the case statement is more readable.

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