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Using VMware workstation. two VMs shutting down on their own. Please help

I am using VMware workstation version 11. two VMs that are running Windows Server 2012 are shutting down on their own. Please help.
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Shutdown as in the physical machine shut down (totally powered off) or the VM workstation?
I have VMware Workstation running and several machines.

You say the machines shut down with zero action or input on your part?  You did not suspend the host?. You have allocated enough memory and disk (that is, not running out of memory or disk space)?

If you did nothing, it would be a server guest and not a VMware issue.

Please let us know
I'll bet is your power settings on your windows 2012 host, check out the link below for a possible solution.

solution on video is for a windows 7 host, but it should be the same for 2012;
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Checked Power options. It is set to NEVER got to sleep for both plugged in and on batteries...Where is the Power Management Option in VM?

Two my VMS shut down again...Same ones...I did decreased the memory from 2GB to 1GB to each. Still the issue
Did you check hard drive space as requested?  

There is not setting I know of for a server to shut itself down.

Does it have updates that are needing to be done causing a failed restart?  Have you ignored updates (which can damage the server OS).
Do they cleanly shut down or are they just powered off?
Check the eventlog of the Windows VMs. You should be able to find hints there.
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So what was the Solution, all I see is a bunch of questions being asked ?
So, it wasn't VMWare. The 2012 server's license expired for Host it was causing that particular server to shut down. Once I activated with the license, the server stays on.

Thank you so much. I thought originally it was the issue with VMware workstation but it was with the guest OS
Actually I was wrong. The machine still turns off even after I updated the license. I will decom 2012 DC then. I dont know what is happening with OS. Something is causing is to shut it down. All other VMs are staying on.
I am not sure what am I suppose to do here. I checked the above and nothing applies to me 100 percent.
I gave points because even though it didn't resolve the issue, the root cause was determined properly that the issue was with the host OS. Expert's advise was to look at the host OS. So, I reinstalled OS and created new OS. So, I would like to give credit for this since it did help to resolve the issue