kinvey Push not working for iOS


I am not getting any help in the kinvey forums.

Our app is in production and stopped working.

This is my business logic:

function onRequest(request, response, modules){
    var push = modules.push, collectionAccess = modules.collectionAccess;
    var logger = modules.logger;
    var iOSAps = { alert: request.body.message, badge: parseInt(request.body.count), sound: "default.wav" };
    var iOSExtras = '';
    var androidPayload = {message: request.body.message };'hi');
    collectionAccess.collection('user').findOne({ "_id": collectionAccess.objectID(request.body.KinveyID) }, function(err, user) {
      if (user)
      {'send push');;
    		push.sendPayload(user, iOSAps, iOSExtras, androidPayload, function(err, result) {

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From the logging I can see that it is running, but no push is sent when the device is iOS.  The push is sent if the device is Android.

Also, a push is sent if I use the Engagement/Message console.  So I conclude that my certificate is still correct and the connection to UrbanAirship is working.

I am at a loss as to what is wrong in my code.

It is my understanding that Kinvey may have changed something a few months ago.  I have looked at the documentation and my code still looks correct to me.

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Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
This is not Delphi related, but ... do you get any log info when you are on iOS?
('hi', 'send push', ...)
Gary4Author Commented:
I consider it Delphi related since my app is written in Delphi XE8 and and the pushes are being sent from a Datasnap Server to Kinvey.  And Embarcadro seems to like Kinvery.

Yes I get the logging info.

Here is one from an ios user.

"hi" 2015-07-30T01:19:00-04:00 INFO 
"send push" 2015-07-30T01:19:00-04:00 INFO 
{"_id":"55932803fbbe77e64e0711a8","username":"gwardell-06/30/2015 19-36-35.194","salt":"bd54a7dd-2e5a-4345-8570-47dce04b8581","_kmd":{"lmt":"2015-06-30T23:36:39.882Z","ect":"2015-06-30T23:36:35.415Z"},"_acl":{"creator":"55932803fbbe77e64e0711a8"},"_messaging":{"pushTokens":[{"token":"d1b310c0f71e29ea22ef37b1b9f188101ea474b375642bdde331036733408898","platform":"ios"}]}} 2015-07-30T01:19:00-04:00 INFO 

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Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
Looks good to me... I cannot tell more. Suggestion is to read this and this or this blog, might help. And this too.
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Gary4Author Commented:
Yes, well, what I show above is the custom endpoint business logic.

Users are being created so that part works.

Pushes are sent to Android, just not to iOS and there is the problem.  I have no idea why not iOS.  And it used to work until a couple months ago.  And sending from the Kinvey control panel works for both devices so the Urban Airship connection is good and the Apple certificate is good.  That is why I am at a loss.

I am getting rather fed up with Kinvey.
Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
did you try on other iOS versions (5,6,7,8,..)?

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Gary4Author Commented:
I have iOS8 on my iPad.  And apple won't let me downgrade.

I think my users that are complaining also have iOS 8.
Gary4Author Commented:

I just want to close this.

We didn't arrive at a solution.  I think it is a Kinvey bug that they aren't admitting to.

Thanks for looking at it and offering comments.
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