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How can I connect a Linsys BEFW11s4 internet port to a Cisco 1960 router interface Gi0/=?

I need to connect a Linsys BEFW11s4 internet port to a Cisco 1960 router that has static ips and is connected to a dedicated internet service.

I have used a regular ethernet cable and a cross ethernet cable, assigning both routers static ip addresses in the same network segment, but they do not talk to each other.
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What are you trying to achieve and why do you need the BEFW11s4 inside a Cisco router?
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I want to use the Linksys as an Access Point to deliver WiFi Internet.

The Linksys will get the Internet through a Cisco 1960 that is connected to a dedicated access.
It is SLOW, so while you have a good idea, I suggest you try a much faster Wi-Fi router for this.  I use Cisco RV220W and RV180W and they are very fast.
The LINKYS is a less secure device than the CISCO.  If you're just trying to provide WIFI to the internal network then you can do what John Hurst suggested (connect LAN port to LAN port) but I don't recommend it.  I recommend you get a corporate grade access point that can give you more flexibility for security.  In my case, I use Sonicwall and SonicPoints.

If for guests, the LINKSYS should be attached to the same switch the CISCO is on and separated from the internal network OR put it in front of the CISCO so you can be sure the WIFI devices are "outside" the Cisco's internal network.  So if the primary router (LINKSYS) is hacked the CISCO is a secondary firewall to protect the internal network.

However, this setup is flawed because the LINKSYS then become the primary router and assumed less reliable than the CISCO as well as slower.
@FdelBlanco  - Thank you and good luck. I do suggest upgrading at the first opportunity.