bash add entry to fstab by script

Hi all,

I'm newbies in bash scripting and i try to write script that add entry for cifs windows share to fstab.
I writed a litle script but i'm not shure if it will work fine.
I have not linux to test it
Can you help me to improve it or fix it?
it will run on Debian 7/8  and Ubuntu 12.04 distrib

here is my code:

cp -p /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.back-$(date +%F)

fsoptions="cifs _netdev,users,rw,auto,users,credentials=/etc/.cifspasswd,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0"

mkdir -p $dir_tgt
chown -R `whoami`  $dir_tgt

echo -e "$dir_src \t\t $dir_tgt \t\t $fsoptions" >> /etc/fstab

printf "put your windows login: \n"
read login
echo -e "username=$login" >> /etc/.cifspasswd
printf "\n"
printf "Now put your windows password: \n"
read password
echo "password=$password" >> /etc/.cifspasswd
echo "domain=dom.local" >> /etc/.cifspasswd

mount  -a  >> /tmp/mount.log

if [ $? -ne 0]

cat /tmp/mount.log | mail -s " $hostname $username fstab return " -a "FROM:$"


echo " all work fine " | mail -s " fstab ok " -a "FROM:$"


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Thank you for your help
Georges OrwellSystem AdministratorAsked:
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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
dir_src=/fileserver/share # was: dir_src=//fileserver/share
cat /derv/null > /etc/.cifspasswd # At start of your script, to expunge old contents
printf "put your windows login: " # was: printf "put your windows login: \n"
printf "Now put your windows password: " # was: printf "Now put your windows password: \n"
printf "\n" # after "read password"

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If it still doesn't work, post back what info you can
Georges OrwellSystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Finaly I changed my goal.
it's so difficult to write on fstab with no root account.
I looked for add mount command in .bashrc.

there is my script:

cat /dev/null > $HOME/.cifspasswd
hostname="$(cat /etc/hostname)"
mkdir -p "$dir_tgt"
chown -R "$(whoami)" "$dir_tgt"
chmod 700 "$dir_tgt"
printf "\n"
echo -n "put your windows login and press [ENTER]:"
read login
echo "======> username=$login"
echo -e "username=$login" >> "$HOME"/.cifspasswd""
printf "\n"
echo -n "Now put your windows password and press [ENTER]:"
read -s password
printf "\n"
echo -e "password="$password"" >> "$HOME"/.cifspasswd""
echo "domain=mydom.local" >> "$HOME"/.cifspasswd""
chmod 600 "$HOME"/.cifspasswd""
if grep -i "mount -t cifs" "$HOME"/.bashrc"" ; then
printf "\n"
echo -e "mount -t cifs $dir_src $dir_tgt -o credentials=$HOME/.cifspasswd" >> "$HOME"/.bashrc""
. ~/.bashrc
ls -l "$dir_tgt" | wc -l
if [ "$?" -eq 0 ]
echo "pb mount" | mail -s  "$hostname $username" " mount error " -a FROM:"$(whoami)"
echo " all work fine " | mail -s " mount ok " -a FROM:"$(whoami)"

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