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One of our users keeps finding Outlook 2007 has closed itself when she returns to her desk. If she leaves her desk for an hour so, when she comes back, Outlook has closed itself. What should I check?  The OS is Win7Pro and Outlook 2007 is from a MS Office Professional install.  Several of us use Outlook, she is the only one experiencing this.
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Do the following...
- make sure that Office is completely patched
- perform a repair/re-install of Outlook
- Start Outlook in Safemode (outlook.exe /safe)
- try a new Outlook profile
- try a new windows profile (have her login to another machine and see if it happens)

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I've seen this happen with some add-ins. The reason why this one user is experiencing the problem and no one else is that she may have an add-in that no one else does. I suggest taking a look at her add-ins as explained in the Outlook section of this article:
Enable or disable add-ins in Office programs

See if she has an add-in that other users don't have. You could try disabling them one at a time to catch the culprit (if this is, indeed, the problem). Even before doing that, you can see if an add-in is the problem by disabling all of them, or simply starting Outlook in safe mode, which runs Outlook without any add-ins (you can do this by running outlook.exe with the /safe command line option). Regards, Joe

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