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Bill GoldenFlag for United States of America

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Displaying a portion of the tab name in a cell

I have tabs that are generally 1234A-0914.  I want to display the FIRST FIVE CHARACTERS in a Cell.
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Saurabh Singh Teotia
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Use this formula..

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This will give you the sheet name if your workbook is saved..

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It is save but all I got was #VALUE!
See this explanation

File Name in Cell
And, I am looking for the first 5 characters of the TAB
Sorry the formula will be..


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Roy Cox
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Professor J

use this one flawless

=LEFT(IF(ISERROR(RIGHT(CELL("filename",$A$1),LEN(CELL("filename",$A$1))-FIND("]",CELL("filename",$A$1)))),"This workbook never saved",RIGHT(CELL("filename",$A$1),LEN(CELL("filename",$A$1))-FIND("]",CELL("filename",$A$1)))),5)

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That did the trick, although 2003 wanted to stick close parenthesis at the end.  (I am too doped up from drugs for a hyper-extended knee to count the parenthesis but I will take the program's word for it!) Thanks a million....
Sorry Saurabh and Professor. I didn't see your solutions come in but I got a solution.  Maybe you can help on the next one.