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Domenic DiPasquale
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I need to make a mailbox for suggestions, but need to make sure the sender remains anonymous. Is this possible with Exchange 2013?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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What you could do is the following...
- Create another mailbox called "Anonymous"
- Provide all users Send As permissions on this mailbox (or specific users if you want to isolate this)
- You can then set the "Suggestions" mailbox to only accept messages from this "Anonymous" email

You can also check out the KB below which will outline this with more detailed steps.

Most Valuable Expert 2014
As far as I am concerned, it isn't possible to have an anonymous account on Exchange.
With proper auditing it is easily traced who sent the email.

What I have suggested in the past is to have a form hosted externally that sends the email to the suggestions mailbox. Even with web logs, it would just show as coming from your external IP address.


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