Windows 10 Kill my Outlook PST Files

Hi all,  I just upgrade to windows 10 from Windows 8.1.  So far so good until I open my MS Outlook 2013 email.  

Firstly I got the email error that the send recieve could not process due to a permissions error.  I closed outlook and reopened it to a new error:

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook, Cannot Open the Outlook WIndow, The set of folders cannot be opened.  The file C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Outlook Files\ cannot be opened.

I then tried the scanpst.exe.  When i select the file i get "An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped.  No Changes have been made to the scanned file."

I then tried outlook safe mode and create a new profile.  The profile will not create a new one for the same reason as it will not open outlook not in safe mode.

What can i do to fix this?  Losing my email will be a complete f up and problem
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Close Outlook.

Now look in Documents \ Outlook for PST files. If you find any (you should), make a directory C:\temp and copy the PST files to C:\temp. Be sure to do this.

If you can, look in Windows.old for the same folder and look for PST files from before the upgrade.

Now uninstall Office completely and restart the computer.

Install Office, set up an account and make sure Outlook is working. Now import email from the outlook.pst file in c:\temp.
Go to C:\Users\ and right click on the Andrew folder, check the security settings, make sure you have the necessary permissions all the way down to the individual file you're attempting to interact with.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Outlook generally does not need users to apply specific permissions to folders to read its own PST file. It might help, but I would be surprised.
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Yes John but if outlook cannot even create a new pst from the profile it sounds as though permissions got tweaked during the upgrade process. You could go to the control panel and try forcing a PST to be created somewhere else (such as user created c:\temp)
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I see your point. If the base system was operating properly, upgrading to Windows 10 should not alter permissions. If the system were damaged, all bets are off.

I have upgraded my Windows 10 machine (complete reinstall) and permissions were not altered and my Outlook remained functioning properly.
andrewl77Author Commented:
definately appears to be a permissions problem with my user account.  Through the mail in control panel I created a new pst file in c:\ and outlook now opens and is sending and receiving with success now, but it owuld not let me do it in the user accounts document files, despite the user account be an administrator
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The upgrade to Windows 10 may not have installed properly. Can you roll back?
andrewl77Author Commented:
how do you roll back from windows 10 to 8.1?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Go to Windows Update and look at installed updates. If the Windows 10 update is there, you may be able to uninstall it.
Roll back to previous version of windows.
But, also, did you try to change file owner of your pst file to everyone and then use it?
andrewl77Author Commented:
There was no issues with the file owner.

I have rolled back to 8.1.  The laptop boots up but does not login.  After I enter my password the screen goes black and does nothing but leave the mouse cursor on screen.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Perhaps remove the disk, put it in a carrier, recover your data from users and windows.old folders. Make sure you have what you need and then consider starting again (fresh) with Windows 8.

Once Windows 8 is installed, upgrade to Windows 10, patch Windows and update drivers. Then install Software and recover your data.  You need to be sure about your backup before proceeding.

In all the IMMENSE HYPE (and that is all it was), Microsoft forgot to tell people that there was no guarantee the Windows 10 upgrade would work.
andrewl77Author Commented:
Is there A repair install function on windows 8.1? Or a system restore function?
I guess it was a simple permission problem on the pst file... but now we have a rollback done and you cannot logon.
Try with a different account. If not successful, boot from the password reset disk and activate the administrator account as shown here bootdisk here

Then try the admin logon and see.
andrewl77Author Commented:
got windows 8.1 back up and fully functioning.  As 8.1 is so painful and one pc was successful with no issues so i am going to take the punt on it working the 2nd time.  

Before I do I am running another full backup as the one taken before windows 10 didn't work.  

Given the permission errors on the outlook email and generally my documents once upgraded is there anything worth changing/looking into while in 8.1 that could change the outcome once upgraded?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
For Outlook, find SCANPST.EXE in Program Files and run SCANPST.EXE against the PST files to ensure no errors or correct them.

Then uninstall Office completely.  

If now (Office excluded) the computer is running correctly and smoothly (no errors), backup it up and try Windows 10 again.

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