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15k and 10k Hdd on Hiper-v Server

Hi experts,
I am about to purchase an HP DL380 server for a customer. This server is ….coming along with 2x300GB SAS SFF 15K/12G drivers, on a Smart Array P440ar/2GB FBWC storage controller. I was planning of purchasing another 3X300GB 10K/6G drivers so I make two arrays, one with raid 1, using the 2 x 10k drives and one with raid5 using the 3 x 10k drives. I was planning to setup a Hypervisor server on the raid1, to host an application server (putting the application server drive on the raid1) and to create a second host as a file server putting the hdd drive of that server on the raid5 array. Is all that a good idea? Am I going to use all disk in their higher possible performance ? or the system will run as fast as the 10k disks, making the 15k disks work slower than they could. Shall I purchase a 1X300GB 15k disk, instead of 3X300Gb 10k disks (because that’s the cost relation..) and just create one raid 5 array to host everything? … ( and loose the storage space..).
Thank you in advance
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Use 15K RPM disks everywhere on this system. I would not mix and match. You might have issues, but the best you could hope for is reduced performance.
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Create a RAID 1 for your OS, and create a RAID 6 for your Data (VMs).

If you can afford 10k, use all 10k, if you have the option of 15k, use all 15k, but you may want to use 10k for RAID1 OS, and 15k for RAID 6 OS.
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