SQL 2008 Merge Replication

Hi Experts
my scenario like that
I have application with SQL 2008 database
we have 10 branches over country we working fine with Citrix Xenapp 6.5
due internet connection speed issue i planned to use SQL 2008 Merge Replication instead of Xenapp
my question is that
Is SQL 2008 Merge Replication save or leads to risks
and the replication time between servers every 1 minute will take a long time
i test merge Replication locally with 2 SQL servers it work fine delay 1 minute  to update each other

any idea
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Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
I'm not sure I understand the issue if is "working fine" as you stated.  It seems to me that the phrase "If it's not broken, don't fix it" applies in this case.
MASWORLDAuthor Commented:
@Brian CTXSupport thanks

Xenapp working fine but our users Growing rapidly so the internet connection 8 Mbps (with almost 50 Users on each site )seems like not enough any more so i thinking about SQL Replication
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
Then upgrade the links.  Is Citrix the only traffic they are using the current links for?  I'm not sure how they can expect significant growth to not increase the costs to accommodate the additional needs.  I haven't worked in your specific scenario, but based off similar experience, you would likely create some serious issues if the replication fails, or there is data corruption.  The replication traffic would likely be greater than the Citrix traffic, so if the ability to handle the Citrix traffic is questionable, that wouldn't change with SQL replication.  I'm no expert on SQL, but I do know the ICA protocol is very lightweight by comparison, and specifically invented to do remote presentation so that the data would not need to be replicated across slower WAN links.

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MASWORLDAuthor Commented:
Then upgrade the links
i am working on that but due maintenance Issue in the ISP only 8 Mbps available right now

The replication traffic would likely be greater than the Citrix traffic
That's what I specifically ask ِabout

I have not measured the data transfer to the SQL Replication VS Xenapp
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
What does the utilization look like currently over the links?  Is the Citrix traffic in contention with any other traffic on that link (mail, CIFS, etc)?  If the links are not saturated with other traffic (doesn't sound like they are from your first post), then you have some time to get the links upgraded.  Do you have any reporting options for the network utilization, hopefully broken down by service type?
MASWORLDAuthor Commented:
honestly, just email
but we didn't faced this issue with almost 30 users
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
Do you have access to any reporting that would confirm for sure what's traversing the links?  You might be surprised, and I wouldn't just assume what you have there.  Are you certain there's no internet access traffic going over those links?  Can your ISP provide any reports, or do you have anything in-house?  Perhaps look at the ExtraHop demo appliance.

Do you have any QoS options available to prioritize traffic?

http://blogs.citrix.com/2010/05/20/how-much-bandwidth-do-i-need-for-my-virtual-desktop/  I know it's not XenApp, but the same principles apply.
MASWORLDAuthor Commented:
It seems to me that you think that the 8 Mbps sufficient for the number of users
Is it well
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
The standard consulting answer is it depends on the use cases and what they are doing in the sessions, and what else it is having to compete with for network resources.  Without reporting everything is purely speculation.  Reporting will help you to know where you are at now, and potentially what you need to plan for.  It could also highlight something that you may be unaware of, which based off my experience, is very likely if you have no monitoring currently in place.
MASWORLDAuthor Commented:
i got it
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