Running a powershell script as a daily task on a WIndows 2012r2 server

I have a new script that goes out and deletes .Tar files that are over 7 days old. It runs perfectly when I run it from the command line with ./ but I cannot seem to get it to run as a scheduled task.
I opened my Task Scheduler and configured a Trigger to run every day at 8:30pm and an Action to "Start a program" the Program/Script is "powershell" and my Argument is
 "-file "C:\script\DeleteOldBackups.ps1"

I go to manually RUN the script from the Task Scheduler and nothing happens, but if I run it from the PS command prompt, files delete as expected. Any advice? Does my argument have an error??
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So your script is:

powershell -file "C:\script\DeleteOldBackups.ps1"

Can you try using the whole command directly in the program/script field as shown in this example:
Can you please try it to run as
powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -File "C:\script\DeleteOldBackups.ps1"

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Also select "Run with highest privileges" on the General tab.
So program/script should be: powershell.exe
and argument:
-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -File "C:\script\DeleteOldBackups.ps1"

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Brian ScholerCommented:
I can't tell for sure from your question but it sounds like you might be deleting files on another computer (other than the one where your script is running), perhaps through a UNC path?

If so, then I would check the user account that is set to run the scheduled task. If the task is running as SYSTEM and your computer is joined to a domain, then your script will be accessing the share as the domain computer account (COMPUTERNAME$), which probably doesn't have access to the UNC path.

You can either run the scheduled task as a user who has permissions on the share, or you can give "Domain Computers" or "Authenticated Users" or the specific computer account write access to the share.
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