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prashant chettri
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I have Sonicwall 240 appliance which recently started blinking all LED lights and none of the configuration are accessible. It was reset and handed over to friend for use and he said it is flashing continuous light. After it was handed over to me I tried resetting again but it keeps flashing.
I don't see a reason why it stopped working with two weeks of trial for sale, unless, the board got tampered
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Sounds like it's bricked.  If it's a trial you can request for a replacement :)
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Hi Prashant,

Your NSA should have only 3 LEDs: Power, Test and Alarm.

The Power LED is labelled PWR and is blue (GEN5) or green (GEN4). They are affected by power-on, power-off, AC connectivity and power supply activity.

Power LED is blue if the power supply is functioning. Power LED is yellow if the power supply is not functioning properly. Power LED is off if there is no AC cable plugged or if On/Off switch at the back of the product is on 0.

If the product has two power supplies : A Power LED is blue if the corresponding power supply is present, turned on and functioning. A Power LED is yellow if the power supply switch is off, no AC cable is plugged into the power supply, the power supply has been removed or if the power supply is not functioning properly. If both power supplies have been removed, have been switched off or no AC cables are plugged in, no LED is on.

The Test and Alert LEDs illuminate yellow or red. These LEDs can “flash”, “blink”, “heartbeat” or be on. A flash is a single on/off cycle. Blink is a repetitive on/off cycle (on ½ second, off ½ second). Heartbeat is a double flash, repetitive on/off cycle (on 1/15th second, off 1/6th second, on 1/15th second, off ½ second). The heartbeat indicator appears when a device is in a Hardware Failover configuration and is currently running in Idle mode.

Here is a list, which may help more:


Power Supply Operational = Blue (solid)
Power Supply Unavailable/Not Functioning Properly= Yellow (solid)


ROM Booting = Yellow (solid) / Alarm OFF
ROM Booting = Yellow (solid) / (Alarm OFF)
Safemode (entered) = Yellow (blinking) / (Alarm OFF)
Firmware (loading) = Yellow (solid) / (Alarm OFF)
*if the Test LED remains ON for more than 2 minutes it can be a symptom of firmware corruption, or hardware problem.
System Up = OFF / (Alarm OFF)
System Up/HA Idle = Yellow (heartbeat) / (Alarm OFF)


Minor Alarm = Yellow (flash)
Minor Alarm = Yellow (flash)
Major Alarm = Red (flash)
Fan Failure = Red (solid) / (Test OFF)
Thermal Yellow Alert = Red (solid) / (Test Yellow (solid))
Thermal Red Alert = Red (solid) / (Test Red (solid))
Thermal Shutdown = OFF (for all LEDs)

Alerts & Alarms

Types of Minor Alarm (Yellow flash):
    • ActiveX Blocked
    • ActiveX or Java archive access denied
    • Cookie Removed
    • Fragmented Packet Blocked
    • IP Spoof Detected
    • Java Blocked
    • Land Attack Dropped
    • Newsgroup Accessed
    • Newsgroup Blocked
    • Ping of Death Blocked
    • Proxy Access Blocked
    • Smurf Amplification Dropped
    • TCP SYN/FIN Packet Dropped
    • TCP Xmas Tree Packet Dropped
    • Unauthorized TCP Packet Denied
    • Unauthorized UDP Packet Denied
    • Unauthorized ICMP Packet Denied
    • Website Accessed
    • Website Blocked

Types of Major Alarm (Red flash):
    • TCP SYN/FIN/RST Flood in progress
    • Failed Administrator login

Fan Failure:
    • One or more of the cooling fans have been removed or are not operational

Thermal Yellow:
    • 75c < Internal temperature < 80c.

Thermal Red:
    • Internal temperature > 80c

Thermal Shutdown:
    • Internal temperature > 80c for 60 seconds or more.

Are any of these events occurring speciffically?


I have all blue, green and yellow light flashing continuously.... any suggestion
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Boot into Safe Mode by pressing the Reset button (typically with a paper clip) for 7-12 seconds. The SonicWALL requires up to 90 seconds to restart. The yellow Test LED is lit during the booting process.


Reset does not work, even if I hold it upto 30 seconds and continue to flash. It used reset within matter of 5 seconds before this problem surfaced


Like the detail information about future issues, but, my issue is flashing lights that does continues to flash after reset. May be there is no fix for it but this is the most detail info I got and take it as partial solution
Blue Street TechLast Knight
Distinguished Expert 2018


What color are they all flashing? Are they all flashing the same color?

If you unplug it and wait for 2 minutes then plug it back the LED's flash all over again?

Try this...its a hard power cycle. This is kind of difficult to do with one person but I have done it before just myself. It will help if you have another pair of extra hands.

For 90 seconds you are going to keep the pin pressed in the reset pin hole. Do not remove it until the 90th second is reached.
1st 30 seconds: Plug in the power while pressing in the reset pin simultaneously.
2nd 30 seconds: then while the pin is still pressed in unplug the power. Remember, keep the reset pin pressed in continually.
3rd 30 seconds: While the reset pin is still pressed in, plug in the power to the unit and continue pressing the reset pin in until the 90th second.
The TEST LED light (yellow) should remain on until it has fully loaded the firmware and performed its internal tests. This will reset everything back to factory defaults.

If it works it will revert to the default values: Gateway:, IP: 192.168.168.X. "X" can be 1-254 (excluding 168). You'll have to assign your NIC this static device. DNS is anything...four 8's.

Let me know how it goes!


all lights are flashing except red... I will give it a try on Monday and update the comment
Blue Street TechLast Knight
Distinguished Expert 2018

Ok. Do you mean all lights are flashing red? Or do you mean they are flashing blue and yellow?
You said "except red".


I only see flashing blue/ yellow and green


keeping the reset pin pressed for 30 seconds, logically does not make sense. However, I did try the entire 90 seconds cycle and it is still flashing.


Sonicwall is bricked. It matches the article posted for bricked sonicwall and it sounds like there is no fix for it
Interesting LED sequence stuff. I never knew! Thx
Blue Street TechLast Knight
Distinguished Expert 2018

Keeping the reset pin pressed for 30 seconds, logically does not make sense. However, I did try the entire 90 seconds cycle and it is still flashing.
I can understand why you'd think that but its a physical button that has time sensitivity built into it, which is why when pressed for 1 vs 5  vs 10-20 vs 90 seconds...they all have different results. This 90-second cycle remedy comes straight from SonicWALL engineering - we are Platinum partners and get access to engineering KB that general public does not. This case is extremely rare (I very, very rarely see a bricked SonicWALL), and I've never come across the default colors flashing of each LED category as you described. In any case, I have remedied classic bricked LED symptoms before using this 90-second cycle, which is why I wanted you to at least try it before throwing in the towel.

At this point, like you said its unequivocally bricked so I'd phone support or distribution and get an RMA to replace this unit.

Best of luck with the new one...sorry we couldn't recover this one for you!

Thanks for the points. I'm glad I could help!


Tried again no luck... Thanks for your help. I would probably need to call support for replacement

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