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I have an old server 2003 ruining SQL 2005 and I am moving to a new server running 2012 R2 but I am having conflicting information if SQL 2005 is compatible on Server 2012, I dot think that its is but I wanted to ask here to see what reply I would get. if it is then I am going to use SQL express as this is free rather than getting the new SQL licence. Any advice would be welcome.
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System Engineer
SQL 2005 is not supported on win2012R2. And in fact it will be out of MS support in 2016, so better not bet on that product version.
You could go with last SQL Express 2012 (or 2014? I did not used it yet). Now since Express 2012 you have a maximum DB size to 10 GB. But still 1 GB RAM used max.


Thank you for the conformation - please can you just confirm what the database size is 2014 express?

Mr TorturSystem Engineer

DB max size is 10GB too for Express 2014.

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