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Is there a way to get the start and end date of the current week?

For example, today is the 7/31/2015, I'd like to get the start date of sunday (July 26), and then the end date of saturday (August 1st) from the calendar.

Basically the week that includes todays date.
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Proof of concept using Fernando's recommendation:
Module Module1
	Sub Main()
		Dim now = DateTime.Now
		' Get the current day of the week 0 - 6, 0 = Sunday and 6 = Saturday
		Dim current = now.DayOfWeek
		' Get the start of the week by subtracting current day of week
		Dim start = New DateTime(now.Year, now.Month, now.Day).AddDays(-current)
		' Get the end of the week by adding 6 to the start.
		Dim [end] = start.AddDays(6)

		Console.WriteLine("The first date of the week for {0} is {1}", now.ToShortDateString(), start.ToShortDateString())
		Console.WriteLine("The last date of the week for {0} is {1}", now.ToShortDateString(), [end].ToShortDateString())
	End Sub
End Module

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Produces the following output -User generated image-saige-