Better way to create MySQL view?

Here's the scenario:
9 different tables, 'ca1' through 'ca9', each with unique index named 'ca_id' which relates them.
Each of the 9 has a field 'ca_last_update' reflecting the date the last change to that record was made.

View which contains one record per ca_id and the oldest value of ca_last_update from among its 9 records.  If any of the 9 dates for a given ID are NULL, need NULL.

Tried creating view with sub-queries but, of course, MySQL doesn't allow that.  No go.

Ended up creating 9 separate views (one for each table), another view that uses UNIONs to combine them into one large record set (resulting in 9 x the number of unique IDs - a really big number), and still another to get the MIN() of the date column for each ID from that view.

I feel like I'm making this too complicated.  There's got to be a better, faster way...  Anybody know what that is?

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Steve BinkCommented:
The fact you have nine tables with the same information is something worth looking at design-wise.  In the meantime, try something like this:
CREATE VIEW v1 as SELECT ca_id, ca_last_update UNION ALL SELECT ca_id, ca_last_update FROM ca2 UNION ALL etc.. etc..;

CREATE VIEW real_v1 AS SELECT ca_id, MIN(a.ca_last_update FROM v1 GROUP BY ca_id;

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You want to find the oldest value of ca_last_update across nine tables - your initial domain is all records.  You'll have to use the UNION of those tables as a source.  Then it is a simple matter of grouping by ca_id and getting the oldest date.

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PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
>>" If any of the 9 dates for a given ID are NULL, need NULL."

how do you determine "missing"?
please demonstate using sample data
springthorpeSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply!  
Structure was inherited from Access app.  Access has (had?) a 255 limit on fields/record.  There's about 600 involved here, so they grouped the fields into use-related tables.  Each of 9 can be edited independently by different users, so we have to track last update by which user.  Plus there's the developers' no-no regarding wide tables.

Your solution of combining the UNION ALLs into a single query [Duh! Why didn't I think of that!] cut 30% from the query time.
In order to get the "NULL has priority" to work, I ended up with 5 views:

1: Get list of all ca_id's. (ca_last_updates_list)
2: Get list of ca_id's with NULL in any of the 9 date fields (ca_last_updates_null)
3: Get list of all valid (not NULL) dates (your UNION ALL query with IS NOT NULL tests)
4: Get MINs of data in #3. (ca_last_updates_mins)
5: Using #1 as base with LEFT JOINs to #2 and #4, get either NULL (as priority) or oldest date:

CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW `ca_oldest_updates` AS
SELECT `ca_last_updates_list`.`ca_id`,
IF (`ca_last_updates_null`.`ca_id` IS NULL, `ca_last_updates_mins`.`ca_oldest_update`, NULL) AS `ca_last_update`
FROM `ca_last_updates_list`
LEFT JOIN `ca_last_updates_null` ON `ca_last_updates_list`.`ca_id` = `ca_last_updates_null`.`ca_id`
LEFT JOIN `ca_last_updates_mins` ON `ca_last_updates_list`.`ca_id` = `ca_last_updates_mins`.`ca_id`;

Adding this last one increased the result time somewhat, but it's still well below anything that can be noticed by a web user.

If you see a hole, let me know.
Thanks again,
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