Office 2010 KMS Host Activation

I have a KMS host setup on Server 2012 R2.  I want to use this to activate Office 2010 clients.  I have VAMT installed.  Some of the workstations are showing up under License Status as "Licensed".  Others are showing up as "Out of box grace".  On the workstations that show "Out of box grace" the message "Product Activation Required" is appearing.  I had a virtual box setup from a couple of months ago and it eventually timed out after the 30 day threshold I assigned.  I obviously need to get this fixed in the next month so workstations don't lose their office license.

Some things I have tried:

1)  Running "cscript ospp.vbs /act" from and out of box grace workstation gives the error message "The software licensing service reported that the computer could not be activated.  The count reported by your Key Management Service (KMS) is insufficient.

2)  From the host running "cscript slmgr.vbs /dlv bfe7a195-4f8f-4f0b-a622-cf13c7d16864"

(summary of results)

Current count: 4
Total requests received: 42
Failed requests received: 0
Requests with License Status Unlicensed: 0
Requests with License Status Licensed: 12
Requests with License Status Initial grace period: 30

I have run other diagnostic commands as well but these seem to offer up the most information, at least to start with.  I thought I needed to get to at least a count of 5 but in VAMT it is showing 6 workstations with a License Status of "Licensed".  Could this be a DNS problem?

From a client I ran the command "nslookup -type=srv _vlmcs._tcp >%temp%\kms.txt" and the result was:

*** can't find _vlmcs._tcp: Non-existent domain
schwientekdIT DirectorAsked:
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schwientekdIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
It turned out to be a DNS issue.  I will leave the question here and explain my solution:

1.Open the DNS Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

2.Expand the DNS Zone to the Connection-specifc DNS Suffix for domain.

3.Right-click on the _tcp folder and select Other New Records.

4.Select Service Location (SRV) as the new record type.

5.Fill in the following information for the new record:
Service: _VLMCS
 (Note: This is not in the drop-down list, so you'll need to type it in. Be sure to include the underscore at the beginning.)
Protocol: _tcp
 (Note: Select this from the drop-down list.)
Port: 1688
Priority: 10
Host offering the service:

Workstations are now registering correctly.

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