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Lenovo Yoga laptop user has forgotten password.  Laptop does not have CD, and does not see or boot from USB drive.  Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Can you go into safe mode as another admin user?  If yes, then you can change a user password from there.  Otherwise, you may have to buy a USB CD/DVD portable player and boot using the CD/DVD using a password recovery tool.

Also check, 7 Free Windows Password Recovery Tools:
Scott CSenior Engineer

When/if you get a portable optical drive to boot from use this utility to reset the password.
Scott CSenior Engineer

If you can't get that to work, as long as the drive isn't encrypted, you can slave the drive off of another computer, copy out the user's data, and perform a wipe and rebuild.

Not ideal, but it will get the job done.

What you may also want to do once you get this resolved, it to create a secondary admin account to where only you know the password.  That way as was suggested above, you can log in and reset the forgotten password.

I do this for my home-based customers and it has worked very well.
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Which password has the user forgotten? The m$ account password that is the default type of use account from Windows 8.x onwards? Or is it the password to a local account? or an Active Dir account?

Or could it be the password for the laptop (BIOS password or HD password)?

If it is the m$ account password, you need to visit the m$ site and then click on "Can't sign in". You will then be guided to through a way to get back into the account.

If it is for a BIOS password, you need to get in touch with lenovo and provide them with proof of ownership (usually the invoice you go when you bough the PC is fine). After that they should be able to help you to get into the PC again.

If it is an HD password, you will have to change the disk and install the OS again from the recovery media you made when you got the PC, or from other backups, as those passwords can't be cracked, except by trying which would probably take years.
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The yoga is an instantgo-device which means, it allows uefi booting only.
The external usb is your best bet. Use a setup dvd, do the old utilman trick and you have it back.

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