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Group like values in Javascript

I have a script in which I select a primary location from a drop down box.  On change, an ajax called is made to a PHP file which returns an array of items, products, and the inventory level for that each of those.

The javascript array looks like this:


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What I'm hoping to do is loop through each of those results and have it complete the following logic:

If the product_id equals 0, group by the item_id, otherwise, group by the product_id.

This grouping should essentially tell me the total inventory level for each item or product that was returned.

I then have an HTML page which I will be passing these values back to.

Say my page has an html table that looks like this:

Product 1
Product 1

Item 180

Item 192
Item 192

If the inventory grouping returned in javascript equals the total number of products ids on the page, it would return a "OK" value to the html page.  If There are more items on the page than what is available in inventory, it would return a "NO" value to the html page.

I guess the first part of this would be getting the items to group so I know exactly what is in inventory for each product/item.

I'm sure I'll need to pass a "total_requested" value back with the initial array to compare the values to see if we have enough in stock for the warehouse selected.
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