Will windows 10 automatically detect my external tv/monitor?

I have a windows 8, now 8.1 hp laptop with a damaged screen. I wanted to know if I upgraded or did a clean install to windows 10, would it automatically recognize my external monitor/tv. When I had 8 and upgraded to 8.1 it automatically recognized it. Will windows 10 do the same? I tried to install windows 10 yesterday and I couldnt tell if it was done installing because it wasnt on my external screen. I  noticed that the wifi light was on and the cap locks was able to be turned off and on so I thought it was done. So I then restarted the computer seeing how I wasnt able to see the screen and it powered back up on the external monitor saying it failed to install windows 10 and something about system.boot so i figured it was because I restarted the computer. It went back to the 8.1 version.  Maybe if I waited longer it would've kicked on the external screen? What should I do?
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It depends on your hardware and whether drivers for it are available for Windows 10. The external display will probably work right away, but you may not have the correct resolution at the beginning, and it may have to reboot a couple of times until Windows updates has downloaded and installed all the drivers and updates until everything will work properly.

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NIkkiM97Author Commented:
@rindi I now have it remoted where I can see everything that I do on the laptop on my tablet so if I install it now, would I be able to see it on tablet just in case it doesnt show on external monitor. Im using the LogMeIn app
I don't know. It will have to reboot a couple of times, and during the reboot logmein isn't active. I also don't know if logmein will run automatically in Windows 10. But it really shouldn't matter much. If the upgrade doesn't work, you can still boot into your current OS, as Windows 10 upgrade saves it. It also allows you to revert to your old OS and remove Windows 10.

Just as an additional safety measure I suggest you make an extra full backup of your current system so you can easily restore should something not work.
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NIkkiM97Author Commented:
But in order to revert or boot into current os, will it show on monitor?
NIkkiM97Author Commented:
So im installing windows 10 and the screen is off but the lights on my keyboard is on. Like the wifi light is blue and im able to turn on cap. But idk if its still installing
NIkkiM97Author Commented:
Im also able to turn wifi on and off @rindi
NIkkiM97Author Commented:
My monitor isnt on.
NIkkiM97Author Commented:
Thank you it worked. Thanks for your help
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