V7R2 Virtual Tape to an iASP

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I have a question about Virtual Tape. I want to setup a backup to disk solution on Power 8 from a 4 drive 1.2tb production system, adding another 1.2tb of drives then setting them up as iASP. Then using a virtual tape to backup the production system. Not sure exactly how to do this, should be able too. Any advice or redbooks/articles anyone knows of .... this should be doable. Everyone hates tapes but me, but they want me solve this problem w/no tape backups. Don't see the big deal but it should be doable. I would still have to move backups off to tape during the day -- but since tape is external that should be doable.

Michael Cody
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Here's an IBM article that covers this specific task in good detail.  Works all the way back to V5R4:


- Gary Patterson

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