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Automating my help text for a datasheet

following on from an earlier question ....

Private Sub SellingPrice_GotFocus()
Me.Parent.HelpTextForField = Me.SellingPrice.Tag
End Sub

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This code is used in every field in my datasheet and displays "help" text that is held in the "tag".

I would like to automate a little further as follows;
1. Setup a new tblHelpUsers with two fields ; [Control_Name], [HelpText]
2. So, when the control is in focus I simple call a function "DisplayHelp"
3. The function will KNOW the controlname and set my  Me.Parent.HelpTextForField to [tblHelpUsers].[HelpText] as per the original VBA
4. Obviously I will no longer use the "tag" to hold help text.

What line should I put in my function to achieve the above?

Al contributions appreciated.
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