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Renaming VM issue

I attempted to rename my vm.
However, the name did not get changed inside the  Folder i.e. After I open the VM in the  Storage the Filename is changed but not the .vmdk, .vmx, vmsd files.  - Why is that??  . See attachment.

I tried vMotion and Storage vMotion too.
Why is it so
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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I tried renaming from the vSphere Client (5.1.0)
I did a storage vMotion - did not work
I removed and readded to the Inventory (registered) did not work
Still  only the folder name has been changed but not the files inside the folder ie..vmdk, .vmx etc.

Any other suggestion please.
Renaming using the Web Client does not work, this is to be expected.

1. Rename the VM name in the inventory.

2. Complete a Storage vMotion to another datastore.

Do you have storage vMotion license ?
Yes I tried your Points 1 & 2. I have valid license for Storage vMotion - confirmed  it was a different Datastore  - this failed to rename the   .vmx, .vmdk files!

The only option that seems to work is cloning.
CLONE will will do the same function, and rename the VM.
noted but I want to make a point here that  storage vMotion does not rename the  internal files of a vm in vSphere 5.1.
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Kaustubh Oak

Correct, Renaming vmdk with storage VMotion does not supports in 5.1, but it does supports in 5.5 web client.
Thanks for the clarification Kaustubh. Appreciate it.