How can I link to an image WITHIN an Excel spreadsheet into a field on an access form

Hello All

Here is my setup.  I have users that create Excel spreadsheets.  On those sheets they produce images (mostly charts) from their numbers.  The have the image on the same sheet as the numbers (they do not want to put the image produced on its own sheet).

I want to get that image into an Access 2013 database I am creating for them.  From the form they need to be able to see the image and if they hit a print button a form is created that has the image on it.

I do not have to store the image in Access (and I probably don't because it would bloat the database), but I cannot find anything about how to link to an image within a file.  I can easily link to an image that is a file itself (like a jpg) but nothing comes up about how to get to the file if it is saved in an excel spreadsheet.

Any ideas?
Thank yoU!
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
I have not done that in years, but it used to worked the following way. And this was with Office 2003, so things might have changed a bit nowadays, although I do not think the difference would be great.

In Excel, select go in edit mode in the chart, make sure that the whole chart is selected and copy to the clipboard.

In the Access Form, activate Paste Special in the Edit menu or ribbon, and select Paste Link. If Paste Link is disabled, it's because you did not select the chart in the right way from Excel. In my version (2003), this is when you have these little dashes dancing around the chart, while the handles that you use to resize the chart are on the borders of the chart.

Note even if you created a link, a bitmap of the chart is saved in your database. This enable users who do not have Excel or do not have access to the Excel file to see the last chart that was recorded. In fact, a link takes more space than a straight copy, because it records not only the bitmap, but also all the necessary information to be able to reconnect to Excel to detect changes and refresh the copy in Access.

If a user does not see the changes, it is either because he does not have the same version of Excel or because he does not have access to the Excel file.

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alevin16Author Commented:
I am going to try this and report back.  Keep your fingers crossed :D
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