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so i am investigating new phone systems and a couple of options i have are a hosted pbx with polycom v vx310 phones vs a Mitel MiVoice Office (previously known as Mitel 5000) with mitel 5320e ip phones.  

I don't doubt that either solution would work but i just want to pick the better of the two...

as far as user experience is concerned, which phone is going to be better?  As a admin i think the mitel gives me more features and ability to expand without having an additional cost (the hosted solution charges per item on things like auto attendant and hunt groups).  Ultimately if i can provide a phone to my users that they are happy with, it will be a success.  Any thoughts on which phone is better?  Thanks!!
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I am sorry, I am sure if you are asking about handsets and stations or the actual phone system.  

If it's the overall system, then I am a fan of onsite systems based on Asterisk or FreeSwitch that you can easily build and maintain in house or through / with a local consultant.,  

It it's handset's then there are many more options than described and sometimes you want to mix and match.  Polycom's are great with good voice quality, but can be a pain to configure.  Yealink and Aastra (now MItel) are great mid tier phones, and then you can find low ends like Grandstream.  

Lately, I have been finding good middle of the road quality with Vtech and even the Panasonic SIP/DECT wireless handsets.   But for ultimate abuse and use you can't beat the Cisco product line (Not Linksys) you just need to have patience to get them up initially.

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So you recommend the Mitel solution with the onsite PBx?  That is my first choice as well...
The Mitel 5000 is a product that has been around for many years - it was originally the InterTel product.  It is a solid performer for a small office.
The Mitel phones are consistently rated as among the most popular among users in the industry.  

If you plan to do some programming yourself but otherwise don't want to become a full telephone geek, then the Mitel is a solid choice.  The Asterisk and other open source PBX systems will require from you -- it is the balance for the open nature of the products.

Over time, on-prem solutions almost always cost less than hosted, especially if you start to add options that carry a per use or per feature cost with the hosted systems.  You did not name the potential hosted provider, but if you are going for straight telephony, the Mitel is the better choice.
If you want integrated UC features, that could change the answer.

Before we can give you some advice. you need to supply the demands and wishes for the phone systeem.



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