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DHCP Assigned Static Address not working, I am stumped again.

Hi, I thought I had it figured out but now this doesn't work.

Router#show ip dhcp bind
Bindings from all pools not associated with VRF:
IP address          Client-ID/              Lease expiration        Type
                    Hardware address/
                    User name         0100.155d.009b.23       Infinite                Manual         0100.155d.009b.03       Infinite                Manual         1000.3067.bfa3.a2       Infinite                Manual         0100.155d.009b.0d       Infinite                Manual         0100.155d.009b.0a       Infinite                Manual         0100.155d.009b.24       Aug 01 2015 05:09 PM    Automatic         1000.155d.009b.21       Infinite                Manual         01d8.eb97.a096.24       Aug 01 2015 10:30 PM    Automatic         0100.155d.009b.21       Aug 01 2015 09:35 PM    Automatic         01a4.badb.3d99.41       Aug 01 2015 02:34 PM    Automatic         0114.30c6.2bea.6d       Aug 01 2015 10:58 PM    Automatic         01b4.18d1.9346.11       Aug 01 2015 11:09 PM    Automatic         0100.3067.bfa3.a2       Aug 02 2015 02:02 AM    Automatic

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I want  0100.3067.bfa3.a2 to be assigned But as you can see it's getting  If I do another release and renew it will probably get

ip dhcp pool dev-pc
 client-identifier 1000.3067.bfa3.a2
 client-name dev-pc

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So what am I missing?
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That did it.

How could I have missed that.

I can see ipv6 is going to be a challenge for me.