How do I achieve this via cronjobs in cPanel?

I have a couple of users on my WHM/cPanel and their trash folders need to be monitored and emptied every midnight. At the moment they are growing fast and I don't want to have to monitor them myself:

216992 MB /home/userone/.trash/[contents]
11138 MB /home/usertwo/.trash/[contents]

I use cPanel and know where to go into the WHM to set such cronjobs. I know how to set the frequency and other settings but what I dont' know is how to frame the cron job query itself as I don't know the syntax.

I asked the cPanel team to help me but they pointed me to their knowledgebase which is practically useless as it has hardly any information:

I would like to know how to write the two separate cronjobs that I need, each programmed to emptying these two folders midnightly.

thanks in advance
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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
What if you make  a simple script and run it with cron every night/day... Something like:

/usr/bin/rm -rf  /home/userone/.trash/*
/usr/bin/rm -rf  /home/usertwo/.trash/*

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badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Thanks. That's a really nice idea. I could add all I need to do in that script as I go along and add more users too.

Do I create the script using "sudo nano"?
And where do I save it and how to phrase the cronjob query?
(I know how to make the cron job run every midnight but I don't know how to write the query)

Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Depends on how you are logged in, you can create it with a regular user and change the permissions of the file as needed, don't forget to set the executable bit (chmod +x

The script can be placed where you want in principle, just refer the complete path in the script so the cronjob can find it. You need to either declare PATH in your script or use the complete path, otherwise the cronjob/script will fail.

And where do I save it and how to phrase the cronjob query?

Do you mean how to configure it in cron to call the script?

Something like this would run the script every midnight, you can leave the username off if not needed:

00 00 * * * USERNAME /path/to/

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