Anonymous upload into OneDrive Professional to send large files to a ShrePoint User?

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Is there a way to create a site/page/link in SharePoint/OneDrive for Business where anybody (also non-users) can upload a file directly into a folder (let's call it "inbox") without first logging in but - ideally - after entering the receipient user's email? Is there maybe even a ready app or template I didn't find?

The point: we have a 5MB maximum email attachment policy. It would be nice if clients and partners could be (automatically?)invited to upload their large attachments directly into our sharepoint and the receipient user then receiving a notification that the file is in his onedrive.
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not possible using onedrive for business as they have to authenticate FIRST no such thing as anonymous access. So your left with your clients/partners having to find an alternate method of sending larger files to you. you could use your sharepoint public website for this. but it isn't a secure method of delivery..

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