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We have encoutered a problem when attempting to deploy the lastest release of google chrome  via SCCM as the chrome msi refuses to intall over the top of the existing version. This seems to be due to Chrome being part of the image build so in other words i need to identify a way of completely removing Chrome from the assets and deleting it's associated registry keys, For example with the use of a script

any ideas?

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Have you tried Control Panel|Programs and Features and uninstalling Google Chrome from there?

Using RevoUninstall might be more likely to get all the Registry entries when you allow step four to run
"C:\Program Files (x86)\VS Revo Group\Revo Uninstaller\Revouninstaller.exe"


thanks for your reply jcimarron however i was looking for a solution that could be applied to over 500 assets

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Chrome being part of the image build There will be no uninstall points. One reason why I don't do thick installs. you are going to have to script a removal that removes the registry entries and the program files and other items in the \programdata %appdata% folders.
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Darren CollinsTech Lead (Windows), Endpoint Device Management Services

Hi rmclar14, lets see if more info can help us to help you:

Can I ask what you mean by "the chrome msi refuses to install over the top of the existing version"  ?

What is the exit code returned?  Any errors?

Is this installing / upgrading as SYSTEM or another admin user?

What is the command line you are using to install (or what switches are you piping through)?

Have you checked the Application Event log and looked for errors with the Chrome install package?  What are the errors?

Hi Guys

it looks like the Chrome MSI kept failing to install due to group policy settings.

The following setting had to be set to Enabled

Computer configuration > Administrative Templates > Google > Google Update > Applications >  Google Chrome Binaries

Allow installation

set to enabled

Once this was in place, the google chrome MSI would run to completion


Through trial and error, the above registry change solved the issue

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