Windows 10: SSD Drive

I have latest Windows 10 Preview version installed on my PC on HDD. I cloned HDD to Samsung SSD using cloning software that comes with SSD. After cloning, I removed HDD. On booting from SSD, Windows displayed something about hardware change and asked for Windows 10 CD, which I do not have ( I do have ISO image on CD used for installing Windows 10) . I aborted the operation as Windows 10 had bricked an SSD during first time installation. How do I get Windows 10(Preview) to use SSD and why it complained about hardware change on SSD? I have successfully installed SSD on my other computers without any need for Windows CD.
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
why do you still want to use the preview?  the latest one before the RTM release won't work after october 15

you also contradict yourself when you said...

...and asked for Windows 10 CD, which I do not have ( I do have ISO image on CD used for installing Windows 10)

why not do a fresh installation?  may have been an issue with the cloning software; what software did you use?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
The reason it asked for the Windows DVD is that the disk signature changed.  Since Windows Vista we don't use the drive/partition any more. We use the GUID which is a unique value based upon the disk signature.  Windows can't find this disk signature so it wants to do a repair and it can't also find the recovery information (also based on a GUID) so it asks for the installation media. Here you could do a startup repair or from the command prompt find the disk that holds the windows system folder
it may well be D:\windows depending upon the partition scheme of that drive and it depends on how the drives are enumerated from the windows install disk..  Once you've found the drive that holds the \windows folder and if startup repair has failed then a simple
bcdboot x:\windows will add the correct entry into the bcd store and you can then boot into windows you can then either use msconfig or bcdedit to remove the bad entry.
VakilsDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi Seth,
Software used for cloning: Samsung bundled cloning software (Clonix) which comes with SSD.
The disk I have is 3 month old Windows Preview, since then Windows has gone thru many releases that is why, I don't want to use it.
On my Windows 7 machine, I have upgraded SSD several times without installation media.
How do I do startup repair without installation media?
I cannot put SSD back in machine without erasing or Windows will get confused?? ....As I understand that after cloning  I cannot put HDD and cloned SSD together. ( as both will be active, system, boot)
If I cannot boot from SSD, how do I get to command prompt to run (bcdboot x:\windows)?
Should I do upgrade installation of Windows 10 by downloading ISO file as per @Seth on HDD and re-clone the SSD(formated) and used ISO file as installation media?
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VakilsDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Disc MapDisk.PNG
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
both drives can co-exist in the same just have to select the correct boot device the problem being that if you boot using one system and add the 2nd system the bcdstore that gets updated will be the one you booted into

you can download the windows 10 release iso using the windows media creation tool

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VakilsDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi All,
OK. I booted the machine with cloned SSD and HDD as suggested by @David. In Disk Management, I did not find partition on SSD marked as boot and also it did not copy system reserved partition. So cloning was not right, as per @Seth, probably cloning software (Samsung Data Migration ) does not understand Windows 10. I downloaded EaseToDo(my favorite) and cloned the SSD again. After cloning, I removed the HDD and Windows booted without further intervention and SSD got correct drive letter ( Windir, c:\). I suppose I need to externally format HDD and install or would setting SSD in bios as boot device work? I will keep that as back up for as while till I get Windows 10 installed.
Anyway, so I am happy that my original intent of getting all to SSD is accomplished. It's fast...!
 Now will I attempt on updating Preview to Release.
I will keep you posted.
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