SharePoint synchronization to Windows 2008 server shares

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I am trying to set up OneDrive synchronization with SharePoint sites and our Windows Server. Our server is running Windows 2008R2. We have a subscription of Office 365 Business Essentials. I have gone into SharePoint and set up 3 different sites.

On our server, these are the Locations of the data
\\SERVER1\Shared$ physical location is D:\Data\Shared
\\SERVER1\Accounting$ physical location is D:\Data\Accounting
\\SERVER1\Users$\Usernames physical location is D:\Users\Usernames

I have installed OneDrive on our server but that is where I don't know what to do from here. I'm assuming that I should be able to set OneDrive to synchronize each of those folders up to each of the SharePoint sites?
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If you ask me, that's a receipt for disaster. OneDrive for business is not intended to be used as a replacement for file shares, and the client especially has a LOT of issues: limits on the number of files it can work with, allowed characters and path lenght, allowed file types, stability, etc.  

Anyway, if you are set on going this way, read here for info on the process and tools:


thanks for that link. I did run accross it earlier when I was looking. So I'm gathering that having data in two places and having it synchronized is not possible with SharePoint online then? I guess I was hoping for a DropBox type of solution where files could be accessed locally on the server but when the users are out of the office, they still have the ability to access their files also.

I wanted to keep the same file structure and not be moving server shares around.

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