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Hariharan Sivakumar
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Dear All,
What is the best way to convince senior management for them to understand why we need dedicated server room.

Currently we are building 2 a new facility where there will be a network rack with 8 switches, UPS, CCTV NVR and in future may be 1 or two servers. All the servers are currently in building 1.

Building 2 will have an admin office for 4 staff's. Management wants to commission this rack in this room.

Please help with pointing out reasons for a dedicated room. We have advised management on heat generation, dust reduction, security to the comms rack & Noise generated by these equipments.

are we missing any more points?
Please help.
Thank you
 Harry S
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The noise from the servers and airconditioners just aren't anything for where people stay. The freezing temperatures are also no good. The carbon dioxide used to kill a possible fire would also suffocate the people in the room. Servers need to be locked away from common users, and only the admins must be allowed physical access. That means locked doors and a dedicated room
Andrew DavisManager
Rindi is correct, although i think the carbon monoxide argument might fall flat (hey if there is a fire, then the staff should have evacuated, otherwise i would rather die from the carbon monoxide than the fire ).

Servers are designed to work in a clean, temperature controlled environment, trying to keep the large space down to these temperatures is going to be uncomfortable for the staff, and expensive to run. I think you have already covered most of these points in your question just unsure of how you have presented it.

Note that the servers/equipment works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are the management going to be happy with running aircon for a large area when there are no staff.

Physical security is also a concern, however i have found that nearly every site where there is not a physical IT presence, has non IT staff who can access the room.

Top Expert 2016
NOT carbon monoxide CO but Carbon Dioxide (CO2) CO2 or Halon is used for suppression in a Server Room to safeguard the equipment.. A normal Sprinkler system using WATER a conductive agent will destroy the equipment.. Anyone with physical access to a computer negates any and ALL security measures one puts in place via software. All you need is 1 malicious employee to stay late or arrive early and format your hard drives. or to add a USB drive (i.e. HAK5 shop rubber duckie) and your machines are compromised.
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HIPAA Security rule

45 C.F.R. § 164.310(a).

 § 164.310 Physical safeguards.
A covered entity must, in accordance
with § 164.306:
(a)(1) Standard: Facility access controls.
Implement policies and procedures
to limit physical access to its
electronic information systems and the
facility or facilities in which they are
housed, while ensuring that properly
authorized access is allowed.
(2) Implementation specifications:


Thank you Dvante, Great information point out.
We operate from Melbourne Australia. Can you help us find out what is applicable in Australia. I will also search for the information.
Harry S


Thank you David Johnston, Rindi & Andrew Davis.

Management says they are only keen on a network equipment rack and they do not want us to install or migrate servers from building 1.

Our task today is to explain them why Network racks with
6 HP procurve switches, APC rack mounted UPS, Hikvision NVR

Needs a dedicated room.

Please help
Harry S

There is the Australian Privacy Act


Thank you Dvante how can Australian Privacy act govern network rack installation in dedicated room?


Dvante what I have found out so far

AS/NZS 3084 & AS/NZS 3080 deals with building code and practice. Governs Network / IT equipment rooms.

Im looking for more information on Privacy act governing or enforcing compliance on businesses like us to have dedicated Network comms room or Server room.

Thank you.
Harry S
This is what I have found
Sound like you are on the right track

Access security

Access security and monitoring controls help you protect against internal and external risks by ensuring that personal information is only accessed by authorised persons.

‘Unauthorised access’ is a separate concept from ‘disclosure’, as an entity is not taken to have disclosed personal information under APP 6 (Use and disclosure) where a third party intentionally exploits the entity’s security measures and gains unauthorised access to the information. However, the entity may breach its security obligations under APP 11 if it did not take reasonable steps to protect the personal information from unauthorised access.


Thank you All for your comments. We will close the question and award points.

We placed below points in front of management now waiting for the decision from business.

•      These equipment’s are designed to work in a clean, temperature controlled environment, trying to keep the large space down to these temperatures is going to uncomfortable for the staff’s and expensive to run.
•      Network & server racks needs to be locked away from common users. Only the admins must be allowed physical access.
•      Protect the Network Rack devices from dust.
•      Noise level not ideal for knowledge workers. Reduced Concentration levels. Average rack noise decibel – 70 DB.
      Maintain Humidity between 35 – 40 %
•      IT team can perform maintenance task on the Network rack equipment’s anytime, without interrupting the staff’s in the room.
•      •      Space required for Network rack will be 2M X 2M.Racks to be at least 42RU 800mm X 900mm X 900mm space at front , back and sides of the racks or rack assembly as per the Australian standards AS/NZS 3084 & AS/NZS 3080.
All of the above means a locked and dedicated room.

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