Cutting ovto a new IIS server.


I am attempting to cut over my IIS server to a new machine in my network. The purpose for the cut over is to save money on electricity.

I have 3 machines in my network.
a) 1 is for internal use only for my pc's within my domain.
b) 1 is for an external DNS and email for my clients.
c) 1 is a webserver for se of my clients.

I am wanting to move my webserver from machine c (WEB.GDS-AU.COM - to machine b (NS1.GDS-AU.COM - This will save electricity by cutting out WEB and therefore reducing my electricity consumption.

So far I have installed IIS onto machine NS1.
I have copied all my web page data from WEB to NS1
I have setup each website on NS1's IIS manager.
I have turned off all relevant services on WEB.

After having done these steps, the websites fail to work on NS1.

Can I ask someone's help in resolving this cutover issue ?.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Brendan Vowles
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Ravi AgrawalCommented:
I would suggest looking in the port forward configuration of your router.

Since your server was behind a LAN, all web traffic was being routed to your webserver at the fixed IP Now this IP has changed to

Probably all web traffic is still going to the previous IP where there is no functional server.

That's all I can suggest.

Also make sure of any firewalls and antivirus software blocking access to your webserver communication.

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Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
You really need to give us a little more information. at the moment you are saying the websites are failing to work!
Whats failing?
What have you tried?
As Ravi has suggested above it could be a simple port forwarding issue, are you testing from internal to the network, or are you trying from an external source, if internal, do you have entries in your hosts file on your test machine to point to the web server or are you resolving to your external IP (which wont work from internal).
What happens if you Ping the website, what does it resolve to?
Do you get any error page?
Have you tried telnetting to the server on port 80? and do you get a response?
If you are getting to the server, what do the web logs show you?

BrenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for triggering my memory ... the router has been in my network for ages and it was the one place I didn't look.

I knew it had to be something straight forward. I had done everything else correctly.

Thanks again for your help.


Brendan Vowles
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