Connecting a Cisco router to T1

I am installing a Cisco router and connecting at the Dmarc my question is can I run eternet cord from the Cisco T1 wic directly to the card that is inserted at the Dmarc that actually has an Ethernet port on it.   will that type of connection work or is there something else I need to be connected to need to at Dmarc
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NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
If the demarc device provided only ethernet port, then you can't connect ethernet cable from your T1 WIC to demarc device

You need to connect ethernet cable on any one of your router ethernet port to demarc point.

Demarc ---(ethernet cable) --- router ethernet port ( GigabitEthernet or FastEthernet)

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I think the confusion deals with the type of connection on the DMARC.
It is likely an RJ48. A T1 while the connections look similar, the wiring is not.
Double check what your provider card does output.

T1 Cross cable

blue/blue white <=> orange/orange white
1 <=> 4
2 <=> 5
DJchitown1Author Commented:
When I got to the site there was an rj-45 cable plug into the t1 card the providerl confirmed that it was T1 connection.  Is it possible the providers installer left a t1 crossover cable there?
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NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Yes. That;s possible too. may be your internet service provider provided the T1 link.

Now you need to configure the T1 wan interface on the cisco router. does the provider provided any ip address details to configure on the wan link(cisco router t1 interface)
what is the issue/ what is the status on the router for the connection/
line/protocol status up/down
the issue might be a mismatch i.e. the provider uses one type while your config might be something else.

if you have a loopback, and you loop your router interface, does it go up/up?
it can only be a cross,
check to make sure the status on the dmarc card.
DJchitown1Author Commented:
Yes when I plug the ethernet cord into the routers t1 wic card that has been configured and verify the configuration no light come on the providers t1 card but on the router WIC card there is a yellow light that stays on but there's no green light.  when I hook my laptop directly to the providers t1 card lights come on the t1 card at the Dmarc.
there is ...

does your laptop get an ip?
can the laptop access anything?
what type of connection did you contract for?

look at the cable  

as the earlier comment said, you may have to connect the dmarc feed to an ethernet port.
DJchitown1Author Commented:
I will make a loopback plug and take it by there tomorrow
DJchitown1Author Commented:
So if I understand correctly I can connect the smart jack RJ 48 directly to the Gigabit port on the router and use a regular straight through Ethernet rj-45 cord.  if that is the case why do we even need the t1 WIC inserted on the router is there a certain advantage to it?
NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
T1 may be used to connect your telephone network..
NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
thanks for the rating .

If you have any issue in configuring the Cisco router or any other device , you can message
while the connector is similar, rj48 has a specific meaning, as does rj45.  if your laptop gets an IP, your circuit is an ethernet and thus you have an RJ45 at the dmarc.
I would suggest Confirming with the provider what they actually have will help, other than did they provide you with a T1 circuit, or you have an Ethernet feed with T1 bandwidth/speed.

Is there other equipment that they dropped off i.e. dmarc to another piece of equipment Router?
DJchitown1Author Commented:
Ok so I returned to the site and took some pics of the equipment.  I also made a T1 crossover cable but still got no lights on the card at the Dmarc.  I ran a straight-through cable from the card at the Dmarc to the T1 WIC on the router and still got no lights.  

Then I connected the Straight-Through cable to one of the GB ports on the router and the port on the router lit up and the lights on the Dmarc card lit up as well.  

So based on the photos can you tell me what is the card at the Dmarc called and how do I remove that card all the way to the right (which is the one assigned to my client)?   I wasn't sure how to remove it out of the case.

Thanks everyone

Smart Jack at DmarcT1 WIC on RouterT1 WIC on Router
DJchitown1Author Commented:
Attached is a video of the networking equipment
On the right side of the router opposite the T1 vwic  card, there are ethernet/console ports.

The image of the "DMARC" does not clearly identify which is the feed, though it looks like you have a fibre run.

Would you kindly answer whether when you connect your laptop's ethernet port whether it gets an IP or you have information from the provider about IP segment that you need to configure on your router.
It does not look as though the feed you have is a T1

According to the below you seem to be using optical Ethernet switches.

Check with your cisco to see whether it has a expansion module compatible with your router that can have the optical feed.

Example can be seen below.
DJchitown1Author Commented:
I do not have the IP address that's was a by assigned by the provider but when I connected my laptop to  DMarc card (the Stride card) I got a yellow caution symbol on my laptop.  connecting Ethernet port to the stride card is the only time I actually get the proper LED lights lighting up
You have to check with whoever connected it what the stride out port is.
I would strongly advise  against  plugging it into different matching ports to avoid frying the equipment either one.

the port optical feed in with strider underneath, might be a console/serial to the device to see what is going on.

Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with the strider device, if you could identify part number, maodel I could then locate the specs to see if I can determine what it does and what/where you should be connecting your cisco using which option.

IMHO, you should recheck with the provider which connection/feed they are dropping and consult with cisco whether what you have is correct.
The device on the right optical/ethernet appears to be an ethernt to optical converter.
DJchitown1Author Commented:
Great find Arnold. Thank you
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