Data Binding with WPF DataGrid - VB.NET

I am working on a display that needs to show an array of objects in a DataGrid (WPF). Each object has two properties, one is a simple number (Base) the other is an array of numbers (Data). I have created some test data as a small array of these objects and bound it to the ItemsSource property of my DataGrid. I get the first column displayed (the Base value) but I cannot figure out how to get each entry from the Data array into a column.

Ultimately the Data columns will need to be edited but this first step has me stumped.
Thanks in advance for any input,
Sid PriceSoftware Systems Architect/DesignerAsked:
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Maybe this will help.

public class TestRow
    private bool[] _values = new bool[10];
    public bool[] Values
        get { return _values; }
        set { _values = value; }

    public TestRow(int seed)
        Random random = new Random(seed);
        for (int i = 0; i < Values.Length; i++)
            Values[i] = random.Next(0, 2) == 0 ? false : true;

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DataGrid grid = new DataGrid();
var data = new TestRow[] { new TestRow(1), new TestRow(2), new TestRow(3) };
grid.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
for (int i = 0; i < data[0].Values.Length; i++)
    var col = new DataGridCheckBoxColumn();
    //Here i bind to the various indices.
    var binding = new Binding("Values[" + i + "]");
    col.Binding = binding;
grid.ItemsSource = data;

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using data[0].Values.Length when creating the columns could obviously throw an exception if the data collection is empty.

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Sid PriceSoftware Systems Architect/DesignerAuthor Commented:
Thank you Randy that was most helpful. While it doesn't address my issue fully I can re-arrange my data to use your solution.
Many thanks,
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