laptop specs for video editing.

my bro asked for a laptop for video editing.. (he lives in another country) for later upload youtube. otherwise he is new to computers, but i think he has one team member who has enough knowledge for video editing. but they need better hardware..i will be purchasing on my own and gifting this to him (his team)..

can you suggest what are the technical questions on what i should ask in terms of what specific operations should be needing to do on the laptop to edit videos. when they 'edit video, is that general enough for me to know (as a question in ee) and find what would be a reasonable configuration to buy for his need.?

does this depend on what his preferences are for video editing needs-

should i know before hand what software tool they intend to use (for video editing) or plan to buy? (before i buy the laptop)]

is there a way to gauge how much GB RAM should be there in the laptop, based on answers that can be derived from him? (like how big of video files he plans to edit- as example 20 minutes vs 45 minutes and so forth).

what about CPU? any question will help to know what CPU maybe more appropriate? likewise for SSD vs 7000 comparison based on actual need? and similarly, video graphics card.

thank you for any ideas/tips to ask the right question, and then later use that to deduce the right laptop with specs!

if the question were for a desktop vs laptop, would the guidelines be the same? for now this is assuming the need will be sufficed in windows (vs mac).
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Kanti PrasadCommented:

Laptop is movable and desktop is stationed other that it there is not difference in performance.

Mac has more learning curve, till you get used to how to use but windows is very easy to use.

There are many ways to define a best laptop (cheap, business, features, sleek, video, gaming, brand etc) so the below link will give you  good idea what are on in 2015

For what you mentioned  select the one that has  Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU \AMD graphics.
Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display will be the best but it is very expensive.

In general you can go that with the below guideline.
                   memory > 4 GB ram (the more the better but you more price)
                   processor i7 better to i5 better to i3
                   Hard disc > 200 GB should be fine but this is just storage it won't impact performance
                   Operating system > win 7 would do ( win 8 better or any other higher version)
                   64 bit better to 32 bit
                   Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU \AMD graphics would be better if you are in games or video edition
                   More life on the battery the better but in developed countries you will be close power plugs....

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my suggestions :
-for laptop , buy a business model; if possible use an i-7 cpu
-depending on the load he will have, max out the ram
-be sure to have an SSD
-select a model with a video card with enough video ram

>>  desktop vs laptop  <<
-desktops are typical 30% cheaper than laptops, for same performance
-you can swap several parts easily, eg video card, disk etc..

here an article presenting you a couple of desktops :
a youtube :

laptops :
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