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Hello Everyone, this is a paragraph in my new web site. It's under my profile company. The web site is not ready and published yet. Can someone enhance and embellish it please....thank you....and of course get rid of the grammar errors.......if necessary you can reorganize it....thank you.

Who we are

Founded: 2014

Owner: .......

Areas of Expertise:Cutting edge Information Technology solution for growing businesses.

Our Team: For more than 10 years, our team of IT professionals has been delivering on our promise to provide unique and superior technical and customer service. we pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients. WE always go the extra mile.

We provide technical support not to only small/medium size businesses but also residential as well. Our IT professionals have a broad range of expertise in the latest-cutting -edge technologies. We resolve your computer of network issue quickly and efficiently remotely or on site
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Some thoughts for consideration :

Areas of Expertise: Modern Information Technology solutions for all businesses.  [[cutting edge a bit much]]

 Our Team: For over 10 years, our team of IT professionals has been delivering on our promise to provide unique and superior customer service using technology to fit their needs. We pride ourselves on delivering fully satisfactory results to our clients. We always go that extra mile to help.   [[no one is perfect]]

 We provide technical support to residential customers as well. Our IT professionals have a broad range of expertise in the latest technologies. We can resolve your computer or network issues quickly and efficiently either on site or remotely.

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Kanti PrasadCommented:

Be specific in what services you are providing, as giving IT Services does not mean much. Ask yourself questions why some clients need to come to you and put that info to the best you can and use quantities\numbers (10 Years , 15 % saving etc) to back up your information.

E.g  Networking Services, 3rd line support services or Call Centre Service etc as it will give someone an idea about your specific expertise.

Also tell your achievements like
 [ ABC Ltd had lot of network downtimes and after hiring us we analysed the problem and proposed a proactive solution and implemented multiple monitoring tools that improved network available time to 99.5% from the earlier network available time of 89.5%]
Below is an e.g

Who we are
[Ypur_Company_Name  Ltd] was established by technology experts [Italiabella] and [Any_other_partners_Name].

With offices in [Rome] and [Any_Other_Place],  [Your_Company_Name]  has established itself, over the last 2 years, as a leading provider of IT services   which include:   [be specific as below ]

Computer Support services to small and medium enterprise and also to home  computers
Teamwork Project Management

Both [Italiabella]  and [Your_Partner_Name] have a strong background in the IT [be specific instead of generic IT] and Networking industry.

Over the past 10 years, they have worked together providing corporate IT  [be specific instead of generic IT]  and Networking solutions to a range of high profile clients nationwide that reduced downtime by 20% and costs by 15%  [be specific with some numbers to show your clients why they need to come to you] .

[Italiabella] and [Your_Partner_Name] quickly identified a niche in the market to extend this service to a wider audience, and so [Your_Company_Name] was created
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@Italiabella - You are most welcome and good luck with your website and your business. I wish you well.
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