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Script to alert if no email has arrived...

Hi there,

Have a bit of a left field request, I need to monitor a mailbox and if no emails has arrived within say 1 hour (that is no email at all), then an alert is sent to another email address?

Is this going to be easy to do?  The mailbox's are on an exchange 2010 server if that helps :)...

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For now, I can only think of some VBA code that monitors to main mailbox every now and then.
That needs a PC to be constantly on and has Outlook installed. Is that a workable solution for you?
For now, I don't see how to do this server side on the Exchange server (similar to a server side mailbox rule, which works without the need of a client to be running)
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this can be run on a server of any kind really so yes its an option...
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Should the set folders be set like this :-

Set folder = myNamespace.Pickfolder("voicemailbox").Folders("inbox") ("voicemailfolder")
Set folderitems = folder.Items

So inside a mailbox called voicemailbox and inside a folder that is nested below the inbox is a folder called voicemailfolder.  Or have I totally got the syntax wrong :)
The syntax is:

Set folder = myNamespace.Folders("voicemailbox").Folders("inbox").Folders("voicemailfolder")

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Please note, the first folder isn't really a folder, it's the name of the most top level entry (in folder view, minimize as many top folders as you can, you will end up with this name, this is the only top row that can't be minimized)
perfect that seems to work fine.. many thanks for that!