Access windows shares across router fails

Hi friend, here's a networking problem for you to solve ...

There's a multi-function-printer shared between two local (wired) networks via a router. The networks consist of workgroups (no domain) and the problematic targets consist of a Windows 2012 server machine and some Win7 (unknown edition) clients. Windows firewall is OFF.

The printer should push scanned documents thru the router onto a share on the Windows 2012 server machine. But it doesn't. The printer couldn't access the share (or similar shares) on the server and the clients. The permissions of the share should allow the access.

printing to that printer from all machines works well,
ping runs thru seamless, and

a latop with Win7 pro (which usually resides in some other domain), with a similar share, placed into the server's network segment, could receive the printers scanned documents,
I presume the router config to be OK.

The shares could be seamless accessed by machines from within the same network segment.

Based on those facts, I suspect that there's some obscure windows networking setting that denies the access to shares from machines outside of the own network segment ... but I couldn't find it.

Any idea where to search for it ?
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Permissions of share could be good, but NFTS permissions maybe are not, so check NTFS permissions.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
So you've tested access to the share from a PC on the same network, but not from a PC on the network that the printer is on?
That'd be your next step. See if that works, or if you get some kind of error message.
Check you can telnet to port 445 on the server from a PC on the network where the printer sits.
Does the printer generate any kind of error/message when it fails, if so what? If there's no error on the screen, perhaps it logs it to a log that you can access somehow?
Is the Windows firewall off for the type of network that the server has detected it is connected to (e.g. Private, Public)?
I assume nobody's configured IPsec on the server?
frankhelkAuthor Commented:
Thanks so far ... I'll check that and be back asap.

What I could say so far:

Acces the share wth a PC from the network where the printer is in: Fail.
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Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Ok, so do the telnet thing just to check.
Sounds like something is blocking traffic to the server on certain ports. (depending on what the error message said when the connection attempt failed)
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
The shared folder should have permission to Everyone & Interactive
frankhelkAuthor Commented:
Sorry folks, but I'm a bit stalled on that ... I need feedback from a co-worker.

Stay tuned ...
Allan MartinsICT TechnicianCommented:
All the answers above seems to be the solution for your case, i would add another information (that we have faced here: similar problem). It was necessary to add the domain name for the printer hostname; without it, even pinging, accessing, etc was fine, but the actual "Send Scan to Share". On the printer's IPv4 (network interface) option, we added the domain name and the problem was solved. hopes this add something for your solution!

frankhelkAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Allan ...

as I've stated in the question, there's no domain involved in the networks ... all stations act at workgroup level. What setting do you think is necessary in that case ?
Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented:
please check DNS configuration in router and the workstations/printer as well
frankhelkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the further input, folks ... unfortunately I was not able to get the feedback by now.

Stay tuned ...
Don't know if this question was ever solved!!!

But is clear to me that device has no rights to write to any folder in any domain or workgroup environment.   User on the other hand do... Make sure your device has a username and password set up to access the desired share.

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frankhelkAuthor Commented:
Sorry for still not having a final answer, but I still got no feedback (even while I check back with that co-worker regulary ... his customer seems to be a bit lazy on that ... ;-()

I promise to post whatever comes out as soon as I get that info.
frankhelkAuthor Commented:
Sorry folks, but I got no further feedback on that issue, so I can't confirm any outcome.

I've decided to bury that question, but I promise to post the final outcome when (and if) I get that feedback later on.

Since all of the answers point to things one should check in case of such a problem, I consider the comments worth to remain in the database and have splitted the points.

Thanks to all for participating.
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