My Date Time Column keeps posting "12/31/1969 6:00 PM" where it should be null

Hello all using some mvvm and in my Grid tool that we created in C# anytime a value from the Database is null it populates as "12/31/1969 6:00 PM" someone HELP!!!! :) I really just need it to return a [BLANK] null field

 public enum eColumnType

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     foreach (GridColumn column in this.Columns)
                sb.Append(",{ field: '" + column.field + "'");
                sb.Append(",title: '" + column.title + "' ");
                sb.Append(",width: " + column.Width);

                // Adding Format string for date
                //sb.Append(column.ColumnType == ? " ,type:'date', format: '{0:MM-dd-yyyy}'" : "");

                switch (column.ColumnType)

                    case GridColumn.eColumnType.datetime:
                        sb.Append(@", template: '#= kendo.formatDateTime(" + column.field + @") #'");
                        sb.Append(@", template: '#= kendo.formatDate(" + column.field + @") #'");
                    case GridColumn.eColumnType.time:
                        sb.Append(@", template: '#= kendo.formatTime(" + column.field + @") #'");

                // Adding Editor function
                sb.Append((column.Editor != null && column.Editor != "") ? " , editor: " + column.Editor : "");

                // Adding checkbox control
                sb.Append(column.ColumnType == GridColumn.eColumnType.checkbox ? " , template: kendo.template($('#" + column.field + "CheckBox" + this.GridID + "').html())" : "");

                sb.AppendLine(" }");
   sb.AppendLine("]\" ");

            //Adding DataSource
            if (this.DataBind != null)
                sb.AppendLine("data-bind=\"" + this.DataBind + "\">");
                sb.AppendLine("data-bind=\"source:" + this.DataSource + "\">");


            return new HtmlString(sb.ToString());

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This is the way DateTime works, it gives you a string represinting a date time.
Now if no value is set or it should be set to zero well this means the start date which is: 12/31/1969 6:00 PM.
So one solution is to compare the returned string with 12/31/1969 6:00 PM to know you have a null!
HawaiiDragonAuthor Commented:
Well being so Green to Kendo how would I do that? Is there a way to change the value so its "blank" on  the date time?
You can create a string variable, and give it the value "12/31/1969 6:00 PM".
Then just compare your DateTime variable with it.(You might need some casting)
If match then give a third string variable the value of "null" or whatever and return that variable!

It's a workaround, and it's not the neatest!

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HawaiiDragonAuthor Commented:
Thank you Aboo,

Exactly what I had to do!
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