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!! unable to view hosted websites off local network

server crashed, re-installed 2003 pack2 sbs.. (new os coming 13th just incase you ask why 2003sbs?)

Web sites are functioning on local network(runs perfect) . BUT unable to view hosted websites off local network (internet)

firewall is the config no problem.
permissions are set in the wwwroot
IIS is running

Also, have mail enable installed and able to sent and receive mail...

Thanks marty
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David Johnson, CD
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what hosted sites? is this any site eg or are you talking about sites that are the same as your domain name eg www.{mycompany}.com?

I suspect you are talking about the latter, in which case what happens if you ping them? i suspect that you will get back either an unable to resolve, or an internal IP address. In this case you need to create DNS records for them in your SBS server (the SBS server should be the ONLY dns option for your client computers.

Is your firewall forwarding to the correct internal address? Is DNS from the outside resolving to the correct public IP address?
> unable to view hosted websites off local network (internet)

do you mean the "hosted websites" are running on your local network and people on the internet can't access the sites across the above mentioned firewall?
can you access the website on the hosted server. are there dns entries in youre local dns that points to these internal websites.  ?